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DIY House Inspection Checklist [%currentyear%] | Bulldog Inspections

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I’ve been a master home inspector since 2003 and in the 15,000+ home inspections I’ve personally performed, there are 5 areas inside a home that cause more disappointment, heartache, and broken dreams than any other.  You’ll learn about these areas below but an even bigger reason I wrote this house inspection checklist is because I’ve … Read more

KC Area Roof Types By Master Home Inspectors – UPDATED 2023

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Introduction: Roof Types Explained There are 5 major areas in every home: 1. Foundation2. Plumbing3. Roof4. Electrical5. HVAC These 5 areas make up our Major-Items Inspection and are so important, they get all the attention at the end of every inspection. And depending on the property, a Kansas City home can have one of many roof types: … Read more

Plumbing System Expert Answers: From Cruddy to Clean

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The Plumbing System Around Kansas City The MOST Important System in Your Home There are 5 major areas in every home: 1. Foundation2. plumbing system3. Roof4. Electrical5. HVAC These 5 areas are so important we created a separate major-Items-only inspection and these 5 areas get center stage at the end of every home inspection. And when … Read more

How to survive your first old home purchase

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An old home is a wonderful thing. Aside from the charm and character, an old home brings a host of problems not found in newer houses.  Like poor wiring, cracked foundations, clogged pipes, and weak roofs. Now, don’t avoid an older home because of these issues, they’re normal. But old homes need special attention because … Read more

Undersized Service In Older Homes

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60-amp electrical service was standard in older homes, now it’s old, outdated, unsafe, and too small for today’s modern families. The 5 biggest hazards with undersized electrical service in older homes: 1. Overloading 60-amp service is simply not enough to power modern electrical devices and appliances. This can lead to overloading the circuit and causing … Read more