Undersized Service In Older Homes

60-amp electrical service was once a standard in older homes, but it has since become outdated and inadequate for modern electrical needs.

Here are the 5 biggest hazards associated with undersized electrical service in older homes:

1. Overloading

60-amp service is simply not enough to power modern electrical devices and appliances. This can lead to overloading the circuit and causing a dangerous electrical fire.

2. Power outages

60-amp service is more likely to experience power outages during heavy use or high demand. This can result in inconvenient and potentially dangerous power losses, such as loss of heating or cooling during extreme weather conditions.

3. Electrical shock

60-amp service is not equipped to handle the power needs of modern electrical devices and appliances, and can result in electrical shock if not properly installed or maintained.

4. Fire risk

60-amp service is more likely to cause electrical fires due to overloading and outdated electrical components. These fires can be fast-moving and highly destructive, putting your home and loved ones at risk.

5. Inefficient Heating and Cooling

60-amp service is not able to provide enough power to run modern heating and cooling systems, leading to inefficient and costly operation.

In conclusion, if you have a home with 60-amp electrical service, it is important to upgrade to a modern electrical system for your own safety and to ensure efficient and reliable operation of your electrical devices and appliances.

Contact a licensed electrician for a comprehensive assessment of your electrical system and to discuss your options for upgrading to a safer, more efficient electrical service.