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Sample Home Inspection Reports

Pick The Sample Home Inspection Report That Best Fits Your Needs

There are two parts to the very best home inspections:

  1. The verbal summary
  2. The written report

And we’re known for both, but if you’re just finding us for the first time, these sample home inspection reports let you peek under the hood.

Sample Home Inspection Reports

We only create 10key comments for our premium home inspection reports.

These are explanations that use plain language to answer the most important questions every report should ask if you want to understand the full scope of each issue and the impact is has on the home.

Our home inspection reports also include enhanced photos to help you – and anyone else – understand the details.

Plus, each report includes safety, major, and maintenance summaries that help you put all the defects into the proper perspective.

Sample Premium Home Inspection
Report of 5-Year-Old Home

Sample Premium Home Inspection
Report of 51-Year-Old Home

Sample Premium Home Inspection
Report of 122-Year-Old Home

Major-Item Sample Home Inspection Reports

Our Major-item inspection is designed with the real estate investor or bare-bones hands-on homebuyer in mind.

This beefy inspection covers:

  • Foundation
  • Plumbing
  • Roof
  • Electrical
  • HVAC (heating and cooling) systems

Your major-items home inspection report also comes with the same detailed digital report and enhanced color photos.

Check out the sample home inspection reports below:

Major-Item Sample Home Inspection Report of 5-Year-Old Home

Major-Item Sample Home Inspection Report of 45-Year Old Home

Major-Item Sample Home Inspection Report of 112-Year-Old Home

Multi-Family Sample Home Inspection Reports

Our multi-family inspection covers the major areas along with living areas, restrooms, and common areas.

Sample Property Inspection Report of Duplex Multi-Family Property

Sample Property Inspection Report of 6-Unit Multi-Family Property

Sample Inspection Report of 300-Unit Multi-Family Property

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Customer Reviews

“My favorite part was the way that he explained the results…”

“I am a real estate agent and Steve at Bulldog was so great to work with! He was extremely professional and his inspection was thorough. My favorite part was the way that he explainted the results to the buyer and me. He was great at explaining and focusing on the things that he saw as actual issues and did not waste time or scare anyone with minor issues. His report was thorough and easy to read and understand. I will definitely be using Bulldog again!”

A. Bickel

“Steve with Bulldog Inspections is AMAZING!”

“Always can rely on him to give my clients the best information about their new home, but also deliver it in a way that doesn’t scare them. He makes the most important items priority to talk over with clients at time of the inspection, as well as letting them know they can contact him with any questions post-inspections. Would definitely recommend and use again! Thanks Steve!”

J. King

“…no stone left unturned and no surprises.”

Prompt, thorough, and professional services. Focused. Detail-oriented. Personable. Helps customers understand the purpsoe of the inspections and every detail. While the written report came quickly, what preceded it was a personal, face-to-face explanation of what would be going into the report, beginning with high priority and big ticket items so there is no stone left unturned and no surprises. I’d recommend this company AND individual for your home inspections.”

K. Taube – Raytown, MO.

“It was easy to undestand.”

“I am pleased with the overall quality of the inspection process and report. Inspection report was delivered next day early morning. It was easy to undestand. Steve is professional and answered all my questions. I highly recommend Steve for home inspection.”

A. Patel – Olathe, KS.

FREE – The Ultimate Consumer Guide To Home Inspections

New For 2023

113 Frequently Asked Home Inspection Questions

Will you walk on the roof? p. 52

Should I test for radon gas if my house is brand new? p. 110

+ many more

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re NOT concerned about defects in other areas or the home is in REALLY rough condition.

Yes, always.  As long as there is safe access and the pitch is not too steep (usually 8-12 or greater).

Good question.  There are alot of differences, but too many to list here. 

Click here for details:


Many real estate investors do not want a termite inspection, so it’s NOT included.

Not at all.

It takes years to master this craft.

Less experienced operators won’t have the same knowledge, experience, and intuition as someone who’s seen something a thousand times before.

This is important. 

Your home is an engineering feat and you’re about to take full responsibility for it. 

1. Have questions.
It’s best to ask before the inspection and again at the end.

2. Attend the inspection.
But try not to distract the inspector with chitchat. He’s trying to build a story that will help you buy the home. Feel free to observe, take measurements, jot down notes, and be there for the summary and discussion when it’s over.

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