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Customer Reviews

The Results from Past Home Inspections

customer reviews - B. Owens
B. Owens

“He doesn’t say that he cares…..more importantly, his actions say that he cares.”

“We received the report quickly and it was easy to understand.

Steve was very upfront and honest and was also personable and helpful through the process.

He doesn’t say that he cares…..more importantly, his actions say that he cares.

Steve also treated me with respect by taking the time to educate me on what he was looking for and what it all means.”

– B. Owens, Overland Park, KS.

T. Edelman
T. Edelman

“You looked at things I never even thought of…”

“Wow! There’s a lot more to a home inspection than I thought. You looked at things I never even thought of…thank you!”

– T. Edelman, Kansas City, MO.

R. Johannes
R. Johannes

“Steve’s thoroughness was amazing…”

“Steve’s thoroughness was amazing…the most professional inspection process I have ever been through!”

– R. Johannes, Overland park, KS.

B. Turner #2
B. Turner #2

“…a “must have” when making a home purchase.”

“2nd time using Steve.

I will continue to use him. He is professional, helpful, very knowledgeable, and a “must have” when making a home purchase.”

– B. Turner, Blue Springs, MO.

F. Dunn
F. Dunn

” Definitely Steve is the guy you want on your side.”

“I got to say Steve was really cordial and professional. 

Steve took his time to answer my questions until I had no doubts about them, simple and straight forward.

He was thorough and his report remove any doubts, very comprehensive.

Definitely Steve is the guy you want on your side.”

– F. Dunn, Shawnee, KS.

K. Howard
K. Howard

“Steve doesn’t fill the inspection with fluff…”

“Top notch thorough inspection.

Steve doesn’t fill the inspection with fluff, he calls it like he sees it which my clients appreciate and understand.

Top attributes are knowledge and professionalism.

Highly recommend.”

– K. Howard, Platinum Realty

M. Beuthin
M. Beuthin

“… couldn’t imagine better service.”

“I couldn’t imagine better service.

Steve broke everything down in simple terms so that we could see a clear next step.”

– M. Beuthin, Overland Park, KS.

T. Veatch
T. Veatch

“…the detail of the report provided really created a memorable experience.”

“I will most definitely recommend Steve to anyone I know who is buying a home.

The report was issued very promptly and the detail of communication and the detail of the report provided really created a memorable experience.”

– T. Veatch, Gladstone, MO.

S. Sutton
S. Sutton

“…interviewed over 30 inspectors in the KC area.”

“I have interviewed over 30 inspectors in the KC area.  Steve was by far the most prompt and professional.

I have called many times with misc. questions and every time the team at Bulldog makes me feel welcome and gives me a detailed answer.

We are real estate investors who need these reports to be very detailed and accurate so we can plan our budget. Thanks to the thorough report provided by Bulldog we are able to know every expense before we buy.

They are very honest and fair and made it very personal; they speak with us on a first name basis, and are very open with all communication.”

– S. Sutton, RE Investor, Valencia, CA.

F. Charles
F. Charles

“…left us feeling confident…”

“Steve was very courteous and thorough throughout the process. Attentive to details such as shoe covers.

Steve provided a good readout at the conclusion of the inspection and left us feeling confident on how to proceed based on his observations.”

– F. Charles, Kansas City, MO.

D. Perrett
D. Perrett

“very professional.”

“Steve has a cool ladder and is very professional.”

– D. Perrett, RE Investor, Independence, MO.

W. Field
W. Field

“…never had an inspection service do any kind of follow up…”

“I’ve never had an inspection service do any kind of follow up as you have. Thanks.”

– W. Fields, RE Investor, Colorado Springs, CO.

K. Hershberger
K. Hershberger

“…explain things very well to a first-time buyer.”

“I was very pleased with the inspection.

Steve was very friendly and has wealth of knowledge.

I felt it was thorough, informative, and very professional.

Steve was also willing to answer any questions and explain things very well to a first-time buyer.

I appreciate the thoroughness of the inspection and left my inspection feeling comfortable that nothing major had been overlooked.”

– K. Hershberger, Olathe, KS.

K. Qadir
K. Qadir

“Everything was easy to understand and systematic.”

“Steve was very professional and personable all the time.

I enjoyed working with him.

Everything was easy to understand and systematic.”

– K. Qadir, Overland Park, KS.

R. Jones
R. Jones

“…extremely impressed…”

“I’ve purchased homes in the past and had experienced the inspection process.

But, I want it to be known that I was extremely impressed by the skills, knowledge and the professionalism that Mr. Steve Rodriguez has shown throughout the entire inspection and his written summary.

I would certainly use his service in the future as well as to recommending him to anyone that would require a professional home inspection.”

– R. Jones, Raymore, MO.

A. Powers
A. Powers

“You made this easy and explained everything…”

“I’ll be referring you to everyone!

You made this easy and explained everything since it was our first time!!”

– A. Powers, Shawnee, KS.

K. Brown
K. Brown

“…you did a great job explaining things in a way I could understand.”

“The inspection was very thorough and you did a great job explaining things in a way I could understand.”

– K. Brown, Kansas City, MO.

B. Burnich
B. Burnich

“…I’ll be referring him to all of my friends and family.”

“Steve was very thorough…I’ll be referring him to all of my friends and family.”

– B. Burnich, Kansas City, MO.

B. Supernaw
B. Supernaw

“…I have a solid foundation to go forward…”

“While there were issues with the home, I now at least feel I have a solid foundation to go forward with on what needs to be tackled in the months ahead on the home.

Steve was thoroughly professional and answered all of my questions on the spot thoroughly and to my complete satisfaction, as well as provided an excellent report.”

– B. Supernaw, Butler, MO.

L. Armstrong
L. Armstrong

“…you made sure we understood what you were doing and why you were doing it.”

“We’ll definitely be referring Bulldog Professional Inspection Services to everyone!!!

You took the time to do the job, and then you made sure we understood the issues that needed to be addressed before we purchased the house.

We had never been through the home inspection process before, but you made sure we understood what you were doing and why you were doing it.”

– L. Armstrong, Urich, MO.

R. Richerson
R. Richerson

“… a flawless experience with a real professional inspector.”

“Steve went the extra mile.

He was not feeling well, but did the inspection anyway so my closing could happen quickly AND it was his wife’s birthday and he came out anyway…he was great to work with and gave me a flawless experience with a real professional inspector.”

– R. Richerson, Lee’s Summit, MO.

J. Jimerson
J. Jimerson

“Steve made the inspection easy to understand…”

“Steve made the inspection easy to understand and did a good job.

My thoughts were reinforced when I spoke to friends and family more knowledgeable than me about homes and repairs.

They reviewed the inspection report and also thought Steve did a great job!

Steve was professional, knowledgeable, and personable.

The entire experience was a pleasure!”

– J. Jimerson, Gardner, KS.

L. Patterson
L. Patterson

“…helpful with any questions I had”

“Steve was very professional and friendly.

He was helpful with any questions I had and he tagged the main water shut off for me to easily find.”

– L. Patterson, Warrensburg, MO.

A. Bruce
A. Bruce

“…clear and concise explanations…”

“Steve is a very thorough inspector and would recommend him to everyone!!!

He gave very clear and concise explanations of all areas of the property.”

– A. Bruce, Belton, MO.

C. Fortner
C. Fortner

“…very thorough…”

“You were very thorough and I loved the pics on the report, itself!!”

– C. Fortner, Smithville, MO.

K. Keen
K. Keen

” …very happy with our inspection and so was my fiancé!”

“I was very happy with our inspection and so was my fiancé!

Finding out about the water leaking/pouring out from the bathroom into the crawl space really surprised me.”

– K. Keen, Prairie Village, KS.

R. Capps
R. Capps

“Steve was great and took the extra time to walk us through the entire inspection process”

“I will refer Bulldog to friends and family.

Steve was great and took the extra time to walk us through the entire inspection process.

When we encountered an issue with a water leak and were unable to complete the inspection on the scheduled date Steve had no problem coming back and helping finish the process.”

– R. Capps, Leawood, KS.

D. Davis
D. Davis

“… took time to explain what the inspection process was and how to maintain the integrity of the home…”

“Steve was thorough and took time to explain what the inspection process was and how to maintain the integrity of the home going forward.

The conversation made for a memorable experience (along with the closeness in our kids ages).”

– D. Davis, Lee’s Summit, MO.

A. Toloza
A. Toloza

“Steve was very easy to talk to and he knew what he was talking about.”

“Steve was very easy to talk to, and he knew what he was talking about. He was open to questions the entire time of the inspection.

This entire experience is memorable, since it is the first home that I have ever bought.”

– A. Toloza, Overland Park, KS.

F. Davis
F. Davis

“…took time to explain what he was looking at…”

“Steve took time to explain what he was looking at and what he was looking for.”

– F. Davis, Blue Springs, MO.

D. Bledsoe
D. Bledsoe

“…took time to explain what he was looking at…”

“Steve was very thorough in his inspection. He was detailed in the report he sent me and it was sent in a very timely fashion.

The quality of the work done really stuck out and the reports were very detailed and included lots of photos to go along with it.

It’s nice to have something visual to go along with a report.”

– D. Bledsoe, Lee’s Summit, MO.

T. Whalen
T. Whalen

“Thank you for the wonderful job…”

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did and making it an educational experience for us.

– T. Whalen, Harrisonville, MO.

S. Heu
S. Heu

“Our situation was different and maybe risky…”

“Steve was very courteous & professional from the start & his knowledge only made us feel more comfortable & at ease watching him do his work.

We would definitely refer Bulldog Professional Inspection to anyone we know. We had a great & positive experience with Steve & we would love to share it with everyone!

Our situation was different, and maybe risky. We did not have a real estate agent. This was our first home, our first experience in the home buying process, & we were on our own. The only people we had that were there for us were our families & friends who’d had recent home buying experience, our lender, the seller (who is an investor), and Steve, our home inspector.

We did not know much about what to look for when considering to purchasing a home, especially when it was one flipped by an investor. So, we were really looking forward to a quality professional home inspector that would give us the extra time to educate us on what to look for & how to maintain our first home.

And again, Bulldog Professional Inspection did just that, & we are so blessed to have found them through

Steve spent a long time with us, explaining & educating us on everything that we were concerned about & questioned. We never felt neither rushed nor felt like he was taking up our time- we were actually taking up more of his time, & he didn’t seem to mind it at all!

We could tell that Steve was there for us, & wanted to make sure we understood everything & were satisfied at the end of the inspection. The inspection report was an important source in purchasing our home. Since the seller was an investor & did not have a seller’s disclosure from the previous owners.

Steve’s inspection & report helped us with our negotiation & decision to purchase the home. Everything was on time & accurate. The inspection report showed just about everything that we’d talked about & went over again before Steve was on his way out.

We are very pleased & happy with his organized work.

We shopped & interviewed several home inspectors.

Though Steve’s price fell right in between, his kind attitude & the time that he gladly spent with us over the phone to interview him sold us to his business.

We wish everyone had the same polite attitude like Steve.

We wanted a professional that would give us the time without us feeling rushed & Bulldog Professional Inspection was the winner.

We will never forget the pleasant time & education Steve gave us. This experience sure helped us learn a lot about our first home.

Thanks Steve!”

– S. Heu, Olathe, KS.

The Ultimate Consumer Guide To Home Inspections – FREE

New For 2023

113 Frequently Asked Home Inspection Questions

Will you walk on the roof? p. 52

Should I test for radon gas if my house is brand new? p. 110

+ many more

5 Things To Know Before Your Liberty Home Inspection

Steve looking at a house thinking about the 5 things you should know

A Liberty home inspection is not always the most straightforward part of the home buying process.

So, it’s pretty common for a little mystery and confusion to creep in as you’re shopping around.

This can bring up questions like…

  • Why Are the prices so different?
  • Can I be there?
  • What happens if something gets missed?

Let’s clear the smoke.

#1 Home Inspectors Cannot See Through Walls

#1 - Home inspectors cannot see through walls

You might have hopes for x-ray vision to help me see inside walls, under floors, above ceilings, and behind storage items.

I’d want me to have that, too, if I were you.

Because it’s the things we can’t see that scare us.

In fact, if I could choose a superpower, X-ray vision would be my second choice.

Talk about cornering the market.  No other home inspector would stand a chance (even with an IR camera).

Unfortunately, it’s not possible.

Fortunately, our 14,000+ inspections go us to where we can spot inconsistencies and hidden issues like an eagle spots a field mouse. 

Plus, all of our home inspections are guaranteed.

#2 Good Home Inspections Are Not Cheap

#2 - A good home inspector is not cheap

Because home inspections are NOT created equal.

Since 2003, I’ve personally inspected over 14,000 homes. I’ve also spent that time improving my home inspection service to avoid the same mistakes other home inspectors make.

That’s why we’re better this year than we were last year.

Or the year before. Or the year before that.

But we’re NOT JUST experienced or obsessed with improvement.


Not for the sake of being different. Think ‘better’.

For example, most home inspection companies check around 400 items.

Our MaxInspect™ System, not only helps us check 100% of the items we can see, touch, and access (about 2000 in the average home), we’ve also created a process that uses gravity to help us track structural cracks and water damage to their source so we can understand the full impact these issues have on the home.

But we do more. We also know WHERE, WHEN, AND HOW to find Mystery Glitches™. These are the annoying electrical mishaps you usually find AFTER you move in that happen when someone somewhere wasn’t paying attention and did it wrong.

And we can’t forget about all the invisible missing items throughout a home that should be there but aren’t. Don’t worry, we’ll find them.

These details give you maximum clarity, maximum leverage, and maximum confidence during negotiations and after you move in.


I’m talking about a 69-year old San Francisco hippie who saw the Rolling Stones play at the Altamont Speedway in 1969.

That’s why we developed the 10Key™ Comment Method for explaining defects. These are the same questions we ask ourselves and the same questions EVERY report MUST answer if you REALLY want to understand what’s happening to your home.

But we aren’t just detailed, we also explain our findings and write our reports on a 5th-grade level. Not because we don’t think you’ll understand. It’s because things are easier when they’re simple.

You get the information you need – when you need it – quickly and simply and delivered the same day.

Very few home inspectors have the experience or skill to do this.

And no one else does because it’s not taught. That’s why most people THINK home inspectors are all the same. And MOST are.

But that’s not how Bulldog does it. We imagined better and knew we could do better, so we did.

No matter who sees your report or when – it will be just as clear in 10 years as it is today.


Alot of home buying homework happens at night so we’ll always respond to your emails and messages AFTER normal working hours.

We’ll also give you a quick follow-up call after your home inspection to make sure you got the report without any problem, answer any last-minute questions, and make sure you’re happy with our service.

#3 Home Inspectors Are Not Psychic

#3 - Home inspectors are not psychic

Unfortunately, I can’t predict the future.

And as much as I want to, it’s not possible (this superpower would be my first choice).

I’ll never be able to tell you if something will break, leak, or crack in the next hour let alone the next week, month, or year.

I wish I could, but I can’t.  No one can.

I can only see what’s happening now and use the past to anticipate future problems.

That’s why it’s imperative for all the utilities to be on in a vacant home BEFORE your home inspection.

Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Because we have tons of experience and take your home inspection very seriously.

So, if something pops up or falls through the cracks, we’ll work together to find a solution.

#4 Even The Best Home Inspector Is Not Perfect

#4 - Even the best home inspector is not perfect

This shouldn’t be a surprise.

Shoot, professional baseball players make millions and only get it right 25% of the time. 

Sometimes I run late and sometimes things get overlooked, information gets misunderstood, and people get upset.

But I’m proud to report I’ve paid my dues many times over:

In fact,

Q: What do you get when you cross a new home inspector with a garage door opener and a 12-pack of soda?”

A:  Red faced, a big sticky mess, and broken garage door opener.(4)

And those are the types of mistakes you’ve gotta survive to become great at something.

But I do not take them lightly.

So, if something is my fault, I’ll take responsibility and work toward a fair solution. 

Avoid home inspectors who sounds too good to be true or don’t embrace mistakes because you don’t want to be on the receiving end when it happens.

#5 Please Let Us Know If There’s A Problem

#5 - If there's a problem, please let us know first

There’s NOTHING worse than learning about a problem through a bad review – or another person.

Because it doesn’t give us a chance to make it right.

You see, NO MATTER how experienced the home inspector, how thorough the home inspection, how careful they are, or how clear they explain things, something will EVENTUALLY go wrong.

There are just too many distractions, limitations, obstructions, and other variables during a three-hour home inspection that keep it from going perfectly EVERY time.

So, if something goes wrong after your home inspection, don’t forget that your home inspector is only human and did the best they could while they were there.

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