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  • We invite you to participate.

We’ll explain the inspection process and invite you to get involved (though we don’t say much while we’re inspecting)

When it’s over, we’ll share our honest opinion about the findings using clear, plain language our mom would understand (love you mom!) so you can start planning your next move before you leave.

    Experience is what you want and we’ve learned tons from the 13,000+ inspections we’ve performed since 2003.

    For example, we’ve learned it’s not good enough to inspect a home straight on, and one of the hardest parts of the job is spotting the things that should be there, but aren’t.

    That’s why we created a 3-tiered approach to inspect your home from 3 different angles and help us uncover maximum defects for maximum results.

    This gives you even more certainty when it’s time to decide if you’re standing in your dream home or a money pit in disguise.

  • Finally, your report will be easy-to-navigate, written in plain English, and delivered the same day.

We take it seriously so we not only use plain language but also run each defect through a series of 8 key questions so you understand the full scope of each issue.

Then we attach enhanced digital photos to make sure your report is just as useful in 5 years as it is today.

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  • If the property is 40+ years old, vacant, or in a mature area, give this serious consideration. Click here for more information - https://bit.ly/old-sewer-lines
  • Radon is a gas that causes lung cancer and it's levels are predicted to be high all over Kansas City. Click here for more information - https://bit.ly/radon-gas-and-testing
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