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    Here's What You'll Get:

    We’ll work around your schedule, answer your questions, address your concerns, and be here if you have questions later.

    We WANT you to be there because the better you understand the results, the better decisions you can make.

    You’ll know WHAT we’re doing, WHY we do it, and watch HOW we do it.

    It will be complete transparency.

    And when it’s over, you’ll get our honest opinion about the major areas with patience and plain language that even my mom would understand (love you mom!).

    We started out pretty much like all the others, but IMPROVED with experience.

    Our process comes from 20 years spent uncovering 10s-of-thousands of defects in 14,000+ homes so YOU have MORE information for a more COMPLETE picture and better clarity when it’s time to decide if you want to keep the home – or walk away. 

    It will be ready the same day and filled with explanations that answer 10 important questions to help you fully understand the issues and their impact on the home.

    We also include enhanced digital photos to make it even clearer and help the report stay just as useful in 5 years as it is today.

    Just fill out the form below.  These are the questions that matter and keep things running smoothly.

    There’s even a box at the bottom for any details you’d like to share.

    Thanks again and you'll hear from us soon.
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