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  • Responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable service from the start. You’re the most important person at your home inspection so we’ll work around your schedule, answer your questions, address all of your concerns, and be your trusted advisor for as long as you own your home.

  • A world-class home inspection using our exclusive MaxInspect™ System. Distilled from more than 12,000 inspections, this 3-tiered approach has been specifically designed to uncover maximum defects for maximum results. We’ll uncover a home’s hidden defects so you can quickly decide if you’re standing in your dream home or if it’s just a money pit in disguise.

  • And that’s not all. You’ve earned the right to feel welcome and understood so we’ll show up ready to shake your hand, explain the inspection process, and invite you to participate. Our inspectors are specially trained to share their knowledge and findings in clear, patient, and simple terms so you can start planning your next move before your inspection is over.

  • Finally, your report will be easy-to-navigate, written in plain English, and delivered the same day. So while other home inspection reports read like cricket rules, we take the time to craft your report for quick understanding and intuitive browsing using words our mom would understand. Not only that, our 4Key™ Comment Method answers the 4 key questions every report must answer for maximum clarity and depth. This promises to keep your report just as useful in 5 years as it is today. We guarantee it.

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80% Of All Deal-Killing Defects Are Located In Just 5 Areas

These are called the ‘bones’
And our easy-to-use field guide shows you exactly what to check so you know right away if the home has good bones or it’s just a money pit in disguise.

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