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The essentials:  Only looking for a world-class home inspection AND termite inspection? This is your package.


The choice:  Everything in our Bronze package with either a sewer scope -or- radon test.


The works:  Home inspection, termite inspection, radon test, and sewer scope.


Just the bones:  Foundation, plumbing, roof (and attic), electrical, and HVAC systems

  • Same-day report

  • Average inspection time of 1-hour

  • Only available for single family homes

  • Specially designed for real estate investors

  • Professional computerized report with digital photos and summary pages

  • Major CapEx areas only

  • Termite inspection available separately


The way homes should be bought and sold:  An upgraded bronze package for home sellers.


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From 4 to 400 units we’ve got you covered.

We work with real estate investors from all over the world so we know EXACTLY what you want.

Our prices are fair, our inspections are thorough, our service is second-to-none and our reports are easy-to-read and ready the same day.

Don’t use a maintenance man or even your front man.

Call us instead to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying!

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The older your home, the greater the need for home maintenance.

But, not sure where to start?

Our home maintenance inspections highlight maintenance and energy items to help keep your home running at peak efficiency.

Call us now to stop wasting energy (and your hard-earned dollars!) through the cracks, gaps and worn out areas around your home!

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Who makes sure EVERYTHING that’s cracked, bulged, split or broken since you’ve moved into your new home (including the things you can’t see) gets fixed?  

Our new home warranty inspection helps you get the most out of your 1-year builder’s warranty BEFORE it expires.

Call us now while you still can!



In Kansas City it’s not really a matter of IF you get termites in your home, it’s only a matter of WHEN.

That’s why we bundle a termite inspection with every premium home inspection.



Did you know your home has important valves and switches that every homeowner – including yourself – NEEDS to know about?

There aren’t many, but knowing where they are and what they do can make the difference between relief and disaster in an emergency.

That’s why every full home inspection includes colorful tags for all your major shutoff valves.

This includes:

  • Furnace maintenance switch
  • Gas shutoff valves
  • Water heater shutoff valve
  • Water main valve

This way you can spot them quickly when it matters.

We’ll even show you where they are so there’s no confusion after you move in.



sun nuclear 1027 electronic radon monitor
We use the Sun Nuclear 1027 electronic radon monitor

Radon gas is the #1 cause of lung cancer for non-smokers in America.

And because it’s so common in Kansas City, we use our own professional electronic radon testing equipment.

All of our monitors are lab calibrated every year to ensure maximum accuracy over the 48-hour testing period.



We work with Hydro-Physics® to give you a 100% guaranteed and unbiased sewer inspection.

No upsells and no bull.

In fact, there is never an offer to repair – only the best video scope inspections anywhere so there are no nasty sewer problems after you move in.



The most comprehensive property history report on the market.

Buildfax performs a nationwide search with over 8 billion data points on more than 80 million U.S. commercial and residential structures that cover:

  • Details on all building permits pulled for the home
  • Construction history in 8,500+ cities, counties, and townships
  • Remodels, new construction, pools, demolition, and roofs
  • All the trades — mechanical, electrical, plumbing
  • Including names of contractors that performed the work
  • Compares your home to others in the neighborhood
  • Lists nearby properties that have had updates performed
  • Neighborhood construction trends

Click to view a sample report (opens in a new window)


MaxInspect™ Inspection System

The MOST effective home inspection approach available anywhere.

Did you know…a home inspector can be really thorough and still miss plenty of problems?

That’s because it takes a complete understanding of how a home works and how the systems are connected along with the knack to not only find the problems they CAN see but also flush out the ones they CAN’T.

That’s the test of a true master inspector and they are few and far between.

So with most of the important structural and mechanical components hidden above ceilings, behind walls, and beneath floors – not to mention behind clothes, furniture, and storage stuff…

We used our years of Kaizen effort to create a 3-layered approach to performing a professional home inspection that is unlike any other.

It’s called the MaxInspect™ Inspection System.

And it combines 3 distinct methods:

  1. 100% inspection™
  2. Mystery Glitch™ Technique
  3. Gravity Flow™ Process

These 3 layers give us a 360° perspective of your home so we not only inspect 100% of the items we can see, touch, feel, and (sometimes) smell;

we also use the force of gravity to reveal hidden issues and understand the full impact each defect has on your home.

This level of insight and understanding gives you real confidence when deciding if you should negotiate with sellers, make repairs, or walk away.

No other inspection company does this and you will NOT find a more comprehensive home inspection approach somewhere else.  Guaranteed.



Our 100% Inspection™

Because good enough isn’t good enough

The concept is simple; If we can see it, touch it, and smell it; we will inspect it, test it, and report on it – without exception. 

This comes to about 1800-items and includes:

  • Landscaping (drainage, driveway, porch, deck, and patios)
  • Exterior (siding, outlets, windows, window wells, foundation, and retaining walls)
  • Roof (soffits, fascias, rake boards, ventilation, shingles (including number of layers), flashings, and chimneys) – we walk every roof that’s safe
  • Attic (insulation, ventilation, ductwork, electrical wiring, roof deck, and rafters)
  • Every window
  • Every door
  • Every toilet
  • Every sink
  • Every tub and shower
  • Every ceiling (including stains and cracks)
  • Every floor (for waviness and unevenness)
  • Every light and ceiling fan
  • Every switch
  • Every outlet
  • Every air vent
  • Every garage (including firewalls and openers)
  • All appliances (that stay with the home)
  • Foundation (for movement, cracking, and water seepage)
  • Operation and testing of entire plumbing system (inside the home)
  • Operation and testing of entire HVAC system
  • Testing and inspection of entire electrical System (inside and out)
  • Top to bottom and inside out

And while most others inspect 400 items.  We inspect over 1800 in and around the home. 

That’s why we call it a 100% inspection and you won’t find a more comprehensive approach anywhere.


The 8Key™ Comment Method

This is the most straightforward and complete method of sharing with you the key points for each issue we find.

A thorough home inspection is important, but without the key details, you won’t completely understand the issues or make the most out of your negotiations.

You see, when a good home inspector finds a defect, they ask themselves 8 questions:

1. What happened?
2. Where is it?
3. What caused it?
4. What will happen if it’s ignored?
5. Any signs of past repairs?
6. Is it a major concern?
7. What do I recommend?
8. Has it affected anything else or damaged any surrounding areas?

They think through it, jot down notes, and move on – but most inspectors keep half the information to themselves. 

But why?

Especially when they know it would help you…AND it’s precisely what you paid for?

Because they were never really taught what to say or how to say it.

So it NEVER leaves their head.

That’s why most home inspectors write their comments like an afterthought – a mash up of out-of-order and incomplete ideas, technical jargon, vague recommendations, and missing details.

But what if you could
be a part of that internal conversation?

That’s what you get with our 8Key™ Comment Method.

It makes you part of the conversation by giving you the answers to these 8 key questions so you know exactly what is happening.

Then they’re arranged in a specific order and written on a 5th-grade level to be easy and intuitive for you (or anyone) to read and understand.

In a nutshell, these 8 key questions:

1. Dig deeper into each defect than any other comment method to fully reveal its cause and extent of damage.

2. Answer the 8 most important questions so you have all the information you want (and need) when you want it without confusion or wasted time tracking down your agent or myself to get the answer.

In truth, there are not many home inspectors with the experience or insight to organize and funnel information in this way.

And no one else goes to these lengths because it’s not taught in schools and takes too much trouble to do.

But we do because we know better and when you win, we win.


Surprise!  THIS Is the most important part of your home inspection.

Because this is where your inspection results go.

And it’s the tool you use to negotiate with your sellers, decide your next steps, and budget for maintenance and repairs after you move in.

It’s also the ONLY proof you have that the inspection even took place because it’s the ONLY thing you keep when it’s over.

Which means your home inspection report is actually the thing you’re investing in.

That’s why we put so much effort into making it easy-to-understand, user friendly, and just as useful in 5 or 10 years
as it is today:

  • No clutter
  • Easy to navigate
  • Easy to forward
  • Easy to download
  • Easy to understand
  • 8Key™ Comments
  • Enhanced and labeled digital photos
  • Summaries to help you keep things in perspective
  • Same-day delivery

You will make quick and confident decisions because we’ve done our best to remove the confusing parts other home inspection companies include or ignore.


Gravity Flow™ Process

Because nature is trying to flatten your house

This process factors two pertinent but everyday truths into our inspection strategy:

1) All building materials are in a slow but constant state of decay

2) Gravity is a relentless downward force

And since these two properties are always at work, we’ve integrated them into our approach to home inspections to help us anticipate, track, and locate the full scope of a defect (important when following the damage caused by heat, cold, foundation movement, roof leaks, and plumbing leaks).


The Mystery Glitch™ Technique

Sometimes finding problems is more like a riddle than a home inspection

You know the quirks you sometimes find in a home?  That’s what we call a mystery glitch.

Well, this technique allows us to track down, isolate, and reveal those random – and sometimes annoying – peculiarities that require a little more finesse to find because they’re hidden from plain sight.

Things like:

  • A hallway light that doesn’t work until another switch is flipped
  • A ceiling fan that’s somehow controlled in another room
  • A shower leak hidden inside the wall
  • A garbage disposal that stops working when a GFCI is tripped

You get the idea.  And there are dozens of situations like this.

That’s why it takes lots of experience (and mistakes) to know what could go wrong in order to understand what it takes to coax them out.

The biggest challenge is every home is different, so knowing what to expect beforehand is impossible.

But we bring this expertise to every inspection.

So if your other inspector isn’t aware, doesn’t know this concept, or isn’t deliberately looking for these types of issues, they’ll pass right over his (or her) head and you’ll be stuck dealing with them after you move in.

Very Special Offer For KC Area Homebuyers

home inspection kc example flip booklet

80% Of All Deal-Killing Defects Are Located In Just 5 Areas

These are called the ‘bones’
And our easy-to-use field guide shows you exactly what to check so you know right away if the home has good bones or it’s just a money pit in disguise.

Only $8.99

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Because If It’s Got Good Bones, It’s A Good House

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