The Home Inspection Report
Makes All The Difference

"I don't consider myself smart, but your report made me feel smart."
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Kathleen Betzer
Kansas City, MO.

OK, Check It Out...

The REPORT Is The Most Important Part Of Your Home Inspection.

Some might disagree and say it’s all about finding the defects.

Which is clearly important, but your home inspection is only as good as your home inspection report.


Your home inspector is the seasoned expert.

They go through the home judging the bad and the good, try to explain the IMPORTANT things when it’s over, then send you the report later on. 

This is just fine when you’re familiar with the home, and it has no problems.

But there’s always a GAP between what they know, what they say, and what you read in your report.

And your Home Inspection Report is the bridge.

Especially if you CAN’T attend the inspection.


It’s also the only PROOF a home inspection even happened and the only thing you keep when it’s over.

This is why your home inspection report is really what you’re investing in.

And why we’ve tried to make it just as useful in 5 or 10 years as it is today:

What You Get With Our Home Inspection Report:

You won’t find this kind of home inspection report anywhere else.  

You've got questions?

We've got answers.


Understand the difference between Major, Maintenance, and Safety Items.


Most inspectors will summarize the inspection findings based on how important they are, such as:


  1. Safety items
  2. Major items
  3. Maintenance items.


This lets you can skip the maintenance items and go straight to the problems considered significant defects and safety issues.


So if you’re negotiating with a seller, the safety and major items are normally considered important issues while maintenance items might get put on the ‘honey do’ list after you move in.

Your inspection report goes out after payment is received, but it will always ready for delivery the same day.

Yes, always.

As long as there is safe access and the pitch is not too steep (usually 8-12 or greater).

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you're NOT concerned about defects in other areas or the home is in really rough shape.

Yes, always.  As long as there is safe access and the pitch is not too steep (usually 8-12 or greater).

Good question.  There are alot of differences, but too many to list here.  Click here to learn more.

No.  Many real estate investors do not want a termite inspection, so it's NOT included.

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