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It’s All About That Base, No Trouble – The Foundation Inspection

There are 5 major areas in every home:

1. Foundation
2. Plumbing
3. Roof
4. Electrical

They make up our Major-Items Inspection and are so important, they’re the center of attention at the end of every inspection.

And depending on its age, home foundations in Kansas City will be made from:

  • Bricks
  • Stone
  • Concrete Block
  • Concrete Slab-On-Grade
  • Poured Concrete

Let’s talk about typical Kansas City foundation inspection so you know what to expect from each type.

Kansas City foundations and inspection

When it comes to foundations, the 2 biggest concerns we have are movement and moisture.

And because the foundation is so important, 80% of our time is spent trying to find cracks and leaks throughout the home. 

First, the outside

With Kansas City foundation inspections, we examine the ground around the home to make sure it’s keeping moisture away from the foundation.  

Next, we look at the foundation and siding for areas that are bulging, cracking, breaking, buckling, and swelling.  This helps us know which areas inside the home might need closer attention.

Then, the inside

We start in the highest level of the home and look for signs of movement in the walls and ceilings as we work our way down to the crawlspace or basement.  

Using our very own Gravity Flow™ Process, we can connect outside damage to inside movement in order to paint the complete picture as we work our way toward uncovering the root cause.  

Once we get to the lowest level, we then start at the ceiling and check the perimeter from top to bottom. 

We assess any cracks (the width, location, and direction) along with any signs of moisture.  Then we’ll connect them to any problems we noticed outside the home and in the upper levels.  This way we can translate the data into a level of concern we’re able to pass onto you.

But remember, cracking is normal so don’t get too concern if you find some.

What needs to be weighed is a combination of the age of home, the type of crack, the size of the crack, the degree of any shifting or movement, and signs of moisture so we can help you decide how concerned you should be.

5 Min. Foundation Inspections to Spot Major Issues Before You Even Get INSIDE the Home

5 Min. Foundation Inspections To Spot Major Movement Outside The Home - Home Inspectors Kansas City

Check out this quick video from a recent Grandview, MO. home inspection I was doing for a California real estate investor.

In the video, you’ll see me perform the first of three foundation inspections on conduct on every home I inspect.

The first is always outside, the second takes place inside as I look at the ceilings, walls, doors, windows, and floors; and the third – and final – part of these foundation inspections happens in the basement or crawlspace.

I call this my Gravity Flow process because it starts outside then moves along from top-to-bottom.

In this case, the foundation moved inward and forced the home’s main beam through the wall until it popped through the concrete and could be seen outside the home.

You’ll see that it had either been badly patched or the foundation continued to move, but these are the types of red flags you should know BEFORE you get too emotionally vested in the home; especially if there’s no public history or you’re buying it as-is.

This damage is also a clear sign that the foundation is NOT JUST moving but also being pushed in BEFORE you even got inside the home – and this is the type of foundation movement that creates horizontal cracks and expensive foundation repairs.

So, if you’re touring homes and see this on your walk around the outside, you can be sure the foundation is shifting.

Then use this bit of knowledge to dig a little deeper and ask some questions or remind you of any work that has already been done.

Either way, doing quick 5 min. foundation inspections on the homes you visit can protect you from expensive foundation repairs and avoid wasted home inspection fees as you search for your next Kansas City home.

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