Real Estate Investor Home Inspections

Real estate investor home inspections by a seasoned expert who speaks your language.

Steve Rodriguez is a seasoned master home inspector who specializes in real estate investor home inspections and works with professional real estate investors locally, nationally, and abroad.

He knows what’s important to you as an investor who thinks in terms of return on investment, ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ type neighborhoods, demographics, criteria, costs, time, and the areas of a home that really matter.

Then he creates an easy-to-understand report the same day written on a 5th grade level so you (or anyone on your team) can make decisions fast.

Not only that, but he also becomes a part of your team so you can call him and get his input on the finer points of the neighborhood and the home that might not be included in your report.

And depending on the type of property you’re buying (or already own) and the things you care about, we have two types of real estate investor home inspections that cover your needs.

Enjoy A 15% Discount for Life*

*Purchase 3 (three) 100% 2000-item home inspections (includes FREE termite inspection) at full price and your 4th full home inspection (and beyond) will receive a 15% standing discount1.

This means a 1499 sq.ft. home inspection + termite inspection gets reduced from $445 to $378.25.

1Excludes radon testing, major-items inspections, stand-alone services, and sewer scope inspection.

Full 100% Home Inspections

100% full home inspections

This is for a final product or turnkey property. The home is in decent shape and all the utilities are ON.

The choice for 99% of investors we work with.

INCLUDES the termite inspection.

Major-Items Real Estate Investor Home Inspections

real estate investor home inspections

When the house is in rough shape, you’re NOT concerned with the rest of the home, or you’re going to gut it. This only checks the bones, so it’s important that the utilities are on.

This does NOT include a termite inspection.

Multi-family Inspections

4-unit investment property
4 units
27unit investment property
27 units
300 unit apartment complex
300 units

We can inspect 100 units a day or 300 in a weekend.

  1. Foundation
  2. Plumbing
  3. Roof
  4. Electrical
  5. HVAC
  6. Exterior

We work with real estate investors from all over the world and know exactly what you need to run the numbers.

Our prices are fair, our inspections are clear and detailed, our service is friendly and responsive and our reports are easy-to-read and ready the same day.

Call us to make sure the information is honest, objective, and understood so you know what you’re buying.

Commercial Real Estate Investor Inspections

commercial building
  • Warehouse
  • Office building
  • Doctor’s office
  • Restaurant
  • Strip mall
  • Church
  • Body shop

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re NOT concerned about defects in other areas, or the home is in really rough shape.

Click here to more details:

Good question.  There’s a big difference. 

Click here for details:

Your first 3 inspections are full price.

The rest have an automatic 15% discount*.

*NOT available with the major-items inspections and ONLY available with single-family homes.


This is a no frills, ala carte, bare minimum, Spirit airlines kind of inspection. 

But it can be added.  Just let us know.

This is an important question.  Especially if you’re buying an older home.

I would NEVER discourage a sewer scope inspection, but sometimes it’s a no-brainer.

For instance,

  • The home is 40+ years old and has clay or tile sewer lines
  • After a rehab
  • Been sitting vacant for any length of time
  • Has an absentee owner
  • Missing a seller’s disclosure
  • The water was turned off to the home
  • Occupied by a tenant
  • In a rural or mature area
  • Has large trees nearby

It’s important because sewer line repairs can range from $500-$30,000.

We DO NOT perform sewer scope inspections. 

Instead, we partner with a company called HydroPhysics to do them for us.


We don’t know if it’s off for a reason so it’s not safe and should be lit before the inspection starts. 

No.  And neither should you.  Here’s why…

This is the MOST INSIDIOUS system and we don’t take any reckless chances that might end up causing mold and moisture damage in a property you’re buying.

If we didn’t turn it off, we don’t want to turn it on. There might be a leak we don’t know about.

And even if we get permission to turn it on, it doesn’t always come from someone with first-hand information and we don’t want to find out the hard way that a repair hasn’t been made.

Plus, by this point, the buyer must also agree to the risks since it will be their home in the end.

Just play it safe.  If the water is not flowing through the faucets, it’s always best to postpone the inspection and let the seller turn it on.

This lets them find and fix any leaks BEFORE the inspection so we can do the inspection right the first time.

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