No Baloney.
Just Kansas City’s Best Home Inspectors Doing Your Home Inspection Right the First Time. Guaranteed.

+ FREE termite inspection with every package ($85 value)

“I will never ever use a different home inspector…” – B. Abbott, Lathrop, MO.

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Home Inspectors Are NOT Created Equal

bulldog with arms crossed - reason #1 - experience


Your home will get inspected by the owner – NOT an amateur, apprentice, or employee like bigger companies. This is a real master home Inspector who has personally uncovered tens of thousands of defects in 15,000+ homes since 2003.

bulldog with headset on - reason #2 - service


You will always speak to the owner whether you call or schedule your home inspection online. This means fast, friendly, honest, and direct answers straight from the source. He’ll also do his best to schedule your home inspection when it works best for you.

bulldog with magnifying glass on house - reason #3 - dedication


Our MaxInspect™ process inspects your home right the first time while your inspection report will NOT ONLY be easy-to-read and filled with photos, it answers 10 key questions every report must ask if you REALLY want to understand the home.

bulldog on the phone - reason #4 - follow-up


You’ll get a quick phone call a few days after your home inspection to ensure you received your home inspection report as promised, answer any new questions you might have, and get your feedback on the service you received.

Here’s How It Works

# 1 - choose


Choose one of our home inspection packages below. Click the button and the next page will explain the details, show you what’s included, and let you choose the packages and services that best fit your needs.

#2 - schedule


Contact us to schedule your home inspection. If you’re up against a deadline, the sooner you let us know, the better. This gives us a better chance of getting it done on the day and time that works best for you.

#3 - inspect


Try to attend. A home inspection uncovers alot of information and we’ll discuss the major areas when it’s over. Then we’ll answer your questions and deliver your inspection report later that same day.

Our Home Inspection Packages & Prices





*under 1499 ft2





*under 1499 ft2





*under 1499 ft2





*under 1499 ft2





*any size

New and Confused? ➡ Take Our 3-Question Quiz

Review of the week

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“I wish I had used Bulldog Professional Inspection Services on previous inspections.”

The Best Home Inspectors in Kansas City

Call Us for an exhaustive home inspection performed BY THE OWNER who is a Certified Master Inspector® and has personally uncovered tens-of-thousands of defects in 15,000+ Kansas City area homes since 2003.

“Truth is, you don’t NEED the best home inspector Kansas City when a house is in great shape. You can call anyone for that. But when things go wrong, doubt creeps in, and the prospect of losing the home is real, you’ll want someone who stays calm, understands the issues, knows your options, and can help you see the big picture – and that ONLY comes with experience.”

From our 100% inspection to our easy-to-understand same-day report.

Or from our wrap-up discussion to our follow-up call, we’ve designed a home inspection business that gives you REAL answers as soon as it’s over.

First, we check roughly 2000 items in and around the home. This includes 100% of the items we can see, touch, and test. 

Then when it’s over, we’ll use direct, honest, and plain language to share what we found while focusing on the 5 most important areas of the home. 

This is when we answer your questions, address your concerns, establish timelines, help you predict outcomes, work out next steps, and even help you map out a strategy, so you not only understand what you’re buying, you know what to do next.

Finally, you’ll get an easy-to-understand home inspection report later that day full of enhanced photos to help you see the issues with your own eyes. Inside, each comment will ask 10 key questions hand-picked to help you understand just how concerned you should be.

Your home inspection will be smooth like butta🧈.

sample home inspection reports

So, if you’re shopping for prices because you’ve been MISLED into believing all Kansas City home inspectors are the same, trust me when I say…

Home Inspection Companies Are NOT Created Equal.

In fact, this next piece of wisdom can save you from one of the most expensive mistakes you can make when buying a home:

Do NOT use cheap home inspectors.

That’s because a cheap home inspector will not only confuse you into thinking a small problem is big, but they’ll also be the ones to waste your money by scaring you away from a perfectly good home that could be great with just a little bit of work.

And because the odds of a poor or inexperienced home inspector overlooking or misunderstanding a major defect (and minor ones) is inherently high.

And because they’re the ones offering low prices.

This is how cheap home inspectors cost you time, stress, frustration, disappointment, and money.

Especially when 60% of NEW home inspectors quit within 12 months, and 80% of ALL local home inspectors do amateur work.  Harsh, but true.

This means any savings you get upfront might end up costing YOU thousands down the road.

That’s a big gamble on a 5, 6, or 7-figure investment.

But the other 20% have the chops to do it right the first time.

We see what others can’t, find what others miss, and understand things they don’t.

It’s a quality and peace-of-mind that ONLY comes with years of experience and dedication.

And I’ve been working my tail off since 2003 to get better every year:

I DON’T do it part-time

I DON’T do it on the weekends

I DON’T do it for the money

And I DON’T do it because it’s cool, fun, or easy (it’s not)

In other words, I don’t take my work lightly.

This is how I can protect you from nasty surprises just as well as I can help you negotiate a major price drop

You will NOT find a more honest, trustworthy, unselfish, and transparent home inspection business anywhere.

That’s what makes us not just one of Kansas City’s best home inspectors. In 2019 Bulldog became its first – and only – home inspection company to also become one of its best small businesses.

So, if you take your next home seriously and want to work with real master home inspectors who know exactly how to find – and explain – the issues that matter MOST, contact us now.

Because the moral of the story? You get what you pay for.

Meet Steve – Your Home Inspector

Steve Rodriguez - your certified master inspector

Steve Rodriguez, CMI®


Award-Winning local Certified Master Inspector® Steve Rodriguez explains the Bulldog difference:

“There’s more to a home inspection than just checking for problems. It’s also about communicating those problems in a way YOU understand.

And not just today. Your home inspection report should be easy to understand for years to come.”


Why Did This Customer Choose Bulldog?

Tyler was a no-nonsense first-time homebuyer who interviewed other home inspectors before choosing us.

When it was over, we asked him 3 questions:

1. What dId you think about our service?
2. Which services did you order?
3. Would you recommend us to others?

This is what he said…

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Free Gifts With Every Home Inspection

building materials lifespan guide 2023

Building Materials Lifespan – New for 2023

From adhesives to swimming pools. Find out how long 300+ materials inside your home last so you’re never off guard. – $17.99 value

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Cost Estimates Guide – New for 2023

From sod to septic systems. Get a head start on how much maintenance items cost so you’re not taken to the bank when it breaks. – $19.99 value

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Home Maintenance for Dummies – 2nd Ed.

You’re no dummy, but you might be a little cuckoo if you don’t crack this open when it’s time to make fix those things around the house. – $17 value

Frequently Asked Questions

The average full 2000-item full home inspection takes 2.5-3 hours.

A major-items home inspection takes about an hour.

Your home inspection report will always be ready the same day and gets delivered after payment is made.

The answer depends on what you want and need.

Full MaxInspect™ 2000-item inspection: This is for anyone who wants to know all the details of all items in and around the home.  This is what most people think of when they picture a home inspection.

5-point major-items home inspection: This is for anyone who is ONLY interested in the bones.  It overlooks the lighter areas and focuses exclusively on:

  1. Foundation
  2. Plumbing
  3. Roof
  4. Electrical System
  5. HVAC System

Click here to compare home inspections.

We accept:

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. Check
  4. Money order
  5. Cash

Yes, of course.

A successful home inspection depends on your level of understanding not will not only increase your level of understanding, it will reduce help you make better decisions later.

Yes. I encourage you to do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

But keep in mind that distractions (including loud nearby conversations) will interfere with concentration and thus diminish the quality of the very service you’re investing in me to provide.


  1. Bring your questions.
  2. Send your home inspector any key information or special requests BEFORE your home inspection.
  3. Know your budget and expectations for the home.
  4. Keep your emotions in check. It’s still too soon to be attached.
  5. Try to attend.  There’s nothing better than hearing and seeing the outcome firsthand.
  6. Hold your questions until the end and try not to distract your home inspector while he’s working. You’re free to follow and observe, but questions and loud conversations within earshot are distracting. All your questions will get answered when it’s over.
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