5-Point Major Item Inspection
Full 1624-Item 100% Inspection
Take current temperatures
Measure distance to nearest fire hydrant
Inspect exterior foundation wall
Inspect downspouts
Inspect roof facia/soffit
Inspect gutters
Inspect roof shingles, flashings, vents (walk roof, if possible)
Enter attic and inspect structure/ventilation
Measure depth of attic insulation
Test / inspect toilets
Test / inspect bathroom outlets
Test / inspect heating system
Test / inspect cooling (if possible)
Inspect interior foundation walls
Test / Inspect rim joist / floor joists
Inspect basement sub-floor
Inspect basement outlets / wiring
Inspect plumbing drains / water lines for leaks
Inspect water heater
Inspect main electrical panel
Test / inspect sinks / drains
Test / inspect showers / tubs
Test / inspect appliances
Inspect grading around home
Inspect condition of driving
Inspect condition of walkway
Inspect condition of front porch
Test / inspect doorbell
Inspect condition of deck / patio
Note type and condition of siding
Test / inspect exterior lighting
Inspect window frames, sills, sashes and glass
Inspect fireplaces and wood stoves
Inspect exterior chimney
Test / inspect garage doors
Test / inspect garage openers
Inspect garage walls / ceilings / floors
Test / inspect garage windows / doors
Inspect garage fire barriers
Test / inspect garage lighting / GFCI outlets
Test / inspect windows / doors
Test / inspect outlets / switches
Test / inspect walls / ceilings/ floors
Test / inspect doors / lights
Inspect stairs / railings
Test / inspect smoke detectors
Test / inspect bathroom exhaust fans
Inspect basement windows / doors