Does Your Old Home Have A Finished Attic?

Say what you want about old homes, but I think they’re amazing. I mean, they’re literally time capsules. Step inside and you’re right back where pride and craftsmanship were part of an honest day’s work – and it’s everywhere. tea anyone? In the wood framing that came from slow-growth trees harvested from ancient groves and […]

How much time does it take to perform a home inspection?

How long does it take to perform a home inspection?

There are 4 factors that affect the time it takes to do a professional home inspection. 1. The size of the home The larger the home, the longer it takes.  Pretty straightforward. 2. Condition of the home A home is like a slide.  The smoother it is, the faster the inspection. So the time it takes […]

3 Times You Should Test Your Home For Mold

3 times to test for mold

In Kansas City mold is everywhere, but is your home making you sick? I happened to be in a basement earlier this week that had more toxic mold than I’d seen all year. The home had been closed up for 12 months, the power turned off, and the previous owner was a bonafide hoarder (each […]

Why New Homes Aren’t Perfect: The 5 Most Common Complaints After Moving In

5 dings to expect when buying a new construction home in kansas city

Aaah…that new home smell.  It’s the same feeling you get inside a brand-new car. Only 10x better. But if you’ve never bought one before, a home that’s never been occupied can also cause some stress. These are the 5 biggest issues you can expect to find after moving into a Kansas City new construction home. […]

7 Things to keep in mind while buying a house in Kansas City

Home Inspection Services

Buying a house is more than just purchasing a land and concrete blocks spread across 2000sq ft. You are buying yourself a lifestyle, something that would represent you and your name and taste. The task of finalizing a home for yourself and your family can be nerve-racking. You try to possibly do everything right and […]

“Aren’t all home inspections the same?”

For someone with 16 years and 10,000 inspections under his belt, this question makes me shake my head. And if you happen to be a service provider, yourself, you’ll understand why… It takes time and dedication to master your craft. In fact, they say it’s somewhere between 7-10 years. Years 1-3 you’re a student You’re […]

“Can A House Fail The Home Inspection?”

Can a house fail the home inspection? Nope. A house can’t fail a home inspection. This question comes up occassionally. But a home can fail a city code inspection when your home was built or when future work requires a building permit. The building permit prevents poor craftsmanship because the city inspector gets involved and […]

Yo, Adrian! We Did It!

Bulldog is the first home inspection company in 27 years to become one of Kansas City’s top 25 under 25 small businesses. And clearly we’re excited about it. Hosted by Thinking Bigger Business Media, the 2019 top 25 under 25 winners were handpicked from a group of over 2,000 nominated Kansas City businesses with fewer […]