How much time does it take to perform a home inspection?

How long does it take to perform a home inspection?

There are 4 factors that affect the time it takes to do a professional home inspection. 1. The size of the home The larger the home, the longer it takes.  Pretty straightforward. 2. Condition of the home A home is like a slide.  The smoother it is, the faster the inspection. So the time it takes […]

“Aren’t all home inspections the same?”

For someone with 16 years and 10,000 inspections under his belt, this question makes me shake my head. And if you happen to be a service provider, yourself, you’ll understand why… It takes time and dedication to master your craft. In fact, they say it’s somewhere between 7-10 years. Years 1-3 you’re a student You’re […]

“Can A House Fail The Home Inspection?”

Can a house fail the home inspection? Nope. A house can’t fail a home inspection. This question comes up occassionally. But a home can fail a city code inspection when your home was built or when future work requires a building permit. The building permit prevents poor craftsmanship because the city inspector gets involved and […]

“Why do I need a home inspection?”

Why Get A Home Inspection? After spending years helping thousands of families save millions of dollars – not to mention their minds, I’m still surprised when I hear this question. It usually comes up in one of three scenarios: Either the house is brand new (so obviously nothing can be wrong) They have a friend […]

“What’s NOT included in a home inspection?”

What’s NOT included in a home inspection? Ok, this is just as important as knowing what IS included in a home inspection because when there are thousands of parts operating in sync at all times inside your home, you need to know exactly what is – and isn’t – inspected so you don’t end up disappointed […]

“What’s included in a home inspection?”

What’s included in a home inspection? Congratulations on your upcoming home purchase.  This can be an exciting, scary and confusing time in your life. Buying a home is not easy. It’s filled with demands from strangers who want to dissect your income and lifestyle choices just so you can have a place to live. And […]

“What Is A Home Inspection?”

What is a home inspection? Hey, many home buyers (and even real estate agents) don’t know the answer to this question so let’s clear the smoke now before things get hairy. THERE ARE 2 PARTS TO EVERY HOME INSPECTION: 1st – The actual home inspection. 2nd – The home inspection report. The Home Inspection A […]