Does Your Old Home Have A Finished Attic?

Say what you want about old homes, but I think they’re amazing. I mean, they’re literally time capsules. Step inside and you’re right back where pride and craftsmanship were part of an honest day’s work – and it’s everywhere. tea anyone? In the wood framing that came from slow-growth trees harvested from ancient groves and […]

How much time does it take to perform a home inspection?

How long does it take to perform a home inspection?

There are 4 factors that affect the time it takes to do a professional home inspection. 1. The size of the home The larger the home, the longer it takes.  Pretty straightforward. 2. Condition of the home A home is like a slide.  The smoother it is, the faster the inspection. So the time it takes […]

Yo, Adrian! We Did It!

Bulldog is the first home inspection company in 27 years to become one of Kansas City’s top 25 under 25 small businesses. And clearly we’re excited about it. Hosted by Thinking Bigger Business Media, the 2019 top 25 under 25 winners were handpicked from a group of over 2,000 nominated Kansas City businesses with fewer […]

8 Quick Winter Home Repairs That Always Need Fixing

Attacking small home repairs can lead to more than a feeling of accomplishment. They can clear the way for larger projects in spring. And as I walked through my home with my notepad app open, I found myself staring at a list of home repairs that always need fixing at one point. 8 maintenance items […]

Your wet Kansas City basement is sucking you dry

A WET BASEMENT IS THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM IN MANY KANSAS CITY HOMES. But before we go sloshing around knee-deep dankness we begin our wet basement banishment in an unexpected place: The roof. Because lousy grading is hard to see when you’re right on top of it, but there’s no hiding when you look down from above. […]

How to survive your first old home purchase

Kansas City Foundations and inspection

An older home is a wonderful thing. Aside from the charm and character, an old home brings a host of problems not found in newer houses.  Like poor wiring, cracked foundations, clogged pipes, and weak roofs. Now, don’t avoid an older home because of these issues, they’re normal. But old homes need special attention because […]

Is Your Old Home’s Electrical Service Undersized?

WARNING: You may want to open your main electrical panel after reading this article. Only do it if you know exactly what you’re doing.  Don’t be dumb. A high number of older homes all over the U.S. still have 60 amp electrical service. This was fine at the time, but now it’s too small to […]

Radon Gas Is No Joke

DID YOU KNOW RADON GAS IS THE 2ND LEADING CAUSE OF LUNG CANCER IN AMERICA? In fact, it’s in your home right now and you breathe it every day. Especially around Kansas City where high levels are common. It comes from the soil and you’ll never know the level is high unless you get it […]

Septic Systems: Buried But Not Forgotten

Septic systems are easy to understand but hard to inspect so be on alert if buying a home with one installed. It takes a specialized septic professional to get in there and check it out. Instead of draining into a city treatment plant, a septic system drains into an underground tank near the home. The tank collects […]

8 Things To Know When Mold Takes Hold

If a basement is musty, has blotched walls and ceilings, or has a growth under the carpet then mold has taken hold. This is a health hazard that has many insurance companies scrambling – or refusing coverage. So what do you need to know about mold to stay out of trouble? 1. Molds are everywhere and […]