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8 Quick Winter Home Repairs That Always Need Fixing

BY Steve Rodriguez
Steve Rodriguez
BY Steve Rodriguez
Steve Rodriguez

Attacking small home repairs can lead to more than a feeling of accomplishment.

They can clear the way for larger projects in spring.

And as I walked through my house with my notepad app open, I found myself staring at a list of home repairs that always need fixing at one point.

8 maintenance items that always need fixing, but never make the cut:

1. Toilet tissue holders and towel racks.

toggle bolt

Yep.  These suckers always fall down or sag on the job – especially in the kid’s bathrooms.  The solution?  Toggle bolts or drywall anchors.

These little guys are available online or at any hardware store so they’re super easy to find.

Simply swap out the screws with these bad boys and your towel racks will be stuck on like nipple pasties.

2. How about an easy remedy for squeaky wood floors?

talc on floor squeaky floor boards

Dusting a small amount of talcum powder into the seams between squeaky boards will lubricate the joints and quiet the noise.

For a more permanent fix, anti-squeak repair kits are inexpensive and come with specially designed screws that will be unnoticeable.

3. Another no-effort repair comes by taking a screwdriver to loose handles or hinges around the house.

And if the screws spin when tightened, just use a larger screw or toothpick.

4. Check the mailbox for wear and tear. If it’s damaged or worn, now is a good time to replace it.

And while you’re outside, eyeball the house numbers and door handles. If either looks worn it’s a good time to replace them, too.

Weatherstripping around windows and doors

5. Gaps around door and windows will increase energy costs and let pests, dust, and moisture inside your home.

Use caulking and weather stripping to stop the chilly air leaks around your home.

6. Clean your dryer vent.  A clogged vent will reduce your dryer’s efficiency and create a fire hazard.

For you do-it-yourselfers, the dryer should be pulled out from the wall and the vent pipe vacuumed.

Also, wipe down the exterior dryer vent so the flap opens and closes easily.

7. Wash away grease from the kitchen range hood filter. This will improve the performance of the hood vent and decrease the chance of a spark turning into a kitchen fire.

8. And finally, with everyone spending more time indoors during the cold winter months, this is the perfect time to do a routine safety check, including carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Test all batteries so that everything is working properly.

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Steve Rodriguez is a Certified Master Inspector® and the owner of Bulldog Professional Inspection Services. He will perform your home inspection and has personally uncovered tens-of-thousands of defects in 14,000+ Kansas City properties since 2003.
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