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Trusted Building Inspectors in Kansas City KS.

+ FREE termite inspection with every package ($85 value)

“You were awesome!” – T. Warren, Kansas City, KS.

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Here’s How It Works

Kansas City, KS. Home Inspections Packages & Prices





*up to 1499 sq.ft.





*up to 1499 sq.ft.





*up to 1499 sq.ft.





*up to 1499 sq.ft.





*any size

Trusted Building Inspectors in Kansas City KS.

Bulldog Professional Inspection Services is dedicated to offering top-notch home inspections to homebuyers and real estate investors in Kansas City KS.

Our comprehensive home inspections examine every accessible area of the property, from the roof down to the foundation. This provides you with detailed insights, aiding you in making informed decisions and preventing potential issues.

Whether you’re purchasing a home for your family or investing in real estate, rely on Bulldog’s certified, experienced, and trusted building inspectors in Kansas City KS to guide you through the process.

⭐⭐ Real Customer Review ⭐⭐

Real Customer Review

5-star review - J. Summers - Kansas City, KS

j. summers, Kansas City, KS.

“…a very detailed write-up of the inspection”

“I was very, very impressed with your professionalism.

You did a thorough job and provided a very detailed write-up of the inspection for us to keep.

I would highly recommend Steven Rodriguez to anyone wanting a quality home inspection.”

Kansas City, KS. is a progressive city making big moves.

Kansas City, KS. started in 1872 after KCMO was already created, established, and growing.

The leaders may have thought they had more right to it since they actually lived in Kansas (even though Missouri took the ‘Kansas’ in Kansas City from the Kansas river, which took it from Kansa Indians), but the record books say the leaders took the name ‘Kansas City’ hoping to see growth like Missouri was having.

Both cities are still separate today, but together they make up the Kansas City metro area.

But don’t go thinking KCMO has much on Kansas City, KS.

Today Kansas City, KS. hosts NASCAR racing at the Kansas Speedway and major league soccer with Sporting KC.

It also has the Great Wolf Lodge (North America’s largest indoor water park), shopping at Nebraska Furniture Mart, Cabela’s hunting and fishing superstore, and Legends Outlet stores, great schools, great neighborhoods, wide open spaces, golf courses, exceptional cultural diversity and all the great food that comes along with it.

Not to mention, Kansas City, KS. has great highway access with I-70, K-7, I-29, and I-35, is only 35 min. to the University of Kansas, and is packed full of historic and established neighborhoods that help KCK enjoy the same growth as the rest of the metro.

But wipe that drool off your chin before you start picking paint colors because it’s still too early to change the locks and have a piñata party.

Your new Kansas City, KS. home first needs to go through an in-depth look by one of its most trusted building inspectors to make sure it doesn’t end up making you want to cry yourself to sleep.

Actual Kansas City KS. home inspections.

Trusted building inspectors in Kansas City KS. [1]
Trusted Building Inspectors in Kansas City KS. [1]
Trusted building inspectors in Kansas City KS. [2]
Trusted Building Inspectors in Kansas City KS. [2]
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Meet Your Kansas City KS. Building Inspector

Steve-Rodriguez-kansas city, ks. home-inspectors

Steve Rodriguez, CMI®


Award-winning Certified Master Inspector® Steve Rodriguez shares why Bulldog stands out:

“Trusted building inspectors in Kansas City, KS, do more than spot problems. They make sure you understand everything.

This clarity lasts. Your inspection report should be easy to understand for years to come.”


FREE – Your Guide to Great Real Estate Inspections in Kansas City KS.

New For 2023

113 Frequently Asked Home Inspection Questions

Will KCK home inspectors walk on the roof? p. 52

Should I test for radon gas in my brand-new house? p. 110

+ many more

30 Min. DIY Home Inspection Checklist – Only $18.99

Check the Bones YOURSELF While You Tour the Home.

This straightforward field guide is based on our Major-Items Inspection and focuses ONLY on the bones. It shows you:

  1. WHERE to look
  2. WHAT to look for
  3. WHAT it means

All in the time it takes to tour the home.

Let us help you decide if the home has good bones or is just a money pit in disguise BEFORE you make an offer and BEFORE you order your Kansas City KS. home inspection.

30-min.-kansas city, ks. home-inspection-checklist-cover
30-min.-kansas city, ks. home-inspection-checklist-sample-pages

Created by a Certified Master Inspector™

13 Pages Fully Illustrated

Immediate PDF delivery + flipbook

Save time and hundreds – sometimes thousands – in wasted home inspection fees.

All in about 30 minutes

Use it over and over

Find out for yourself if there are MAJOR ISSUES hiding in plain sight before you call Kansas City KS. home inspectors.

Available home inspection services in Kansas City KS.

termite inspection in kansas city, ks.
termite inspections in Kansas City KS.

Termite Inspections

In Kansas City KS., subterranean termites are common, feeding on wood in and around houses. A termite inspection detects signs of these insects, notifying you if treatment is required. Routine home inspections are essential to avoid costly damage and repairs.

radon testing in kansas city, ks.
radon testing in Kansas City KS.

Radon Testing

Radon gas, an invisible and scentless radioactive substance, can increase lung cancer risk after long-term exposure. Performing an electronic radon test requires placing a specific device in your home for a few days to assess radon concentrations. Testing for radon is essential in Kansas City KS, as it can infiltrate homes through cracks and openings in the foundation.

sewer scope inspection in kansas city, ks.
sewer scope inspection in Kansas City KS.

Sewer Scope Inspections

A Kansas City KS sewer scope inspection entails utilizing a camera to examine the pipes linking your house to the primary sewer line. This process is crucial as it can reveal problems such as blockages, cracks, or damage caused by tree roots that would otherwise remain hidden. Identifying these issues early can prevent costly major repairs in the future.

real estate investor inspections in kansas city, ks.
RE investor inspection in Kansas City KS.

RE Investment Property Inspections

Our Kansas City KS real estate investment inspections cater to both single-family residences and multi-family properties. We conduct a meticulous 5-point inspection focusing on crucial components such as the roof, foundation, electrical systems, plumbing, and HVAC units. Rely on seasoned experts to inspect your investment property, guaranteeing long-term savings in both time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

The time it takes for the average 2000-item full Kansas City, KS. home inspection is about 2.5-3 hours.

Your Kansas City KS. home inspection report will always be ready the same day and gets delivered after payment is made.

While it’s not mandatory, being present during the inspection is highly recommended. It allows you to ask questions, understand potential issues firsthand, and gain valuable insights about the property’s condition. This can help you make informed decisions about your purchase​.

No home is perfect which is to say you can certainly expect there to be some issues uncovered during your home inspections.

The report will help you understand the severity of these problems and the potential costs of repairs. You can use this information to negotiate with the seller or decide whether to proceed with the purchase​.

No, a house cannot “fail” a home inspection.

The inspection is an objective assessment of the home’s current condition. The home inspector identifies any potential issues or necessary repairs, but it is up to the buyer to decide if these findings affect their decision to purchase the home​.

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