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Superior House Inspector in Leawood KS.

+ FREE termite inspection with every package ($85 value)

“My agent assured me he was thorough, knowledgeable and honest. He exceeded my expectations…” – S. Estlund, Leawood KS.

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Here’s How It Works

Leawood House Inspection Packages & Prices





*up to 1499 sq.ft.





*up to 1499 sq.ft.





*up to 1499 sq.ft.





*up to 1499 sq.ft.





*any size

Superior House Inspector in Leawood KS.

Bulldog Professional Inspection Services, a superior house inspector, is committed to providing top-tier home inspections to homebuyers and real estate investors in Leawood KS.

Our thorough house inspection covers every accessible part of the property, from the roof to the foundation. This offers you comprehensive insights, helping you make informed decisions and avoid potential problems.

Whether you’re buying a home for your family or investing in real estate, trust Bulldog’s certified, experienced, and reliable home inspection services in Leawood KS. to assist you throughout the process.

⭐⭐ Real Customer Review ⭐⭐

Real Customer Review

5-star review - R. Capps - Leawood, KS

R. Capps, Leawood, KS.

“…took the extra time to walk us through the entire inspection process…”

“I will refer Bulldog to friends and family.

Steve was great and took the extra time to walk us through the entire inspection process.

When we encountered an issue with a water leak and were unable to complete the inspection on the scheduled date Steve had no problem coming back and helping finish the process.”

Leawood KS. is a tight knit community that’s even got Daniel Boone’s stamp of approval.

That’s because he explored the area himself in the early 1700s.

But Leawood, KS. was first occupied by Native Americans.

Then after Oscar G. Lee bought a large plot of land, and the Kroh brothers put up a residential area in 1948, the city Leawood was born.

Today, Leawood is a mix of luxury homes and businesses, only minutes from the city but with a small town atmosphere.

It’s also full of manicured parks, clean streets, award-winning schools, churches, world-class dining and shopping, highly end homes, and all the modern conveniences the founders wanted when they settled the area.

And even though sleepy Leawood, KS. was ranked one of the Top 50 best places to live in 2020 by Money magazine, it takes a great home inspector to make sure your new Leawood home doesn’t become a nightmare after you move in.

Actual Leawood home inspections.

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Meet Your Leawood House Inspector

A photo of Steve Rodriguez - your superior Leawood property inspector

Steve Rodriguez, CMI®


Superior house inspector Steve Rodriguez highlights what sets Bulldog apart:

Great real estate inspections in Leawood KS, are more than finding issues. Effective inspectors also explain everything clearly to you.

This clarity isn’t just for now. Your house inspection report should remain easy to understand for years.”


FREE – Your Guide to Superior House Inspections in Leawood

New For 2023

113 Frequently Asked Home Inspection Questions

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Should I test for radon gas in my brand-new house? p. 110

+ many more

30 Min. DIY House Inspection Checklist – Only $18.99

Check the Bones YOURSELF While You Tour the Home.

This straightforward field guide is based on our Major-Items Inspection and focuses ONLY on the bones. It shows you:

  1. WHERE to look
  2. WHAT to look for
  3. WHAT it means

All in the time it takes to tour the home.

Let us help you decide if the home has good bones or is just a money pit in disguise BEFORE you make an offer and BEFORE you order your Leawood house inspection.

image of cover to 30 min diy home inspection checklist
image of inner pages of 30 min. diy home inspection checklist

Created by a Certified Master Inspector™

13 Pages Fully Illustrated

Immediate PDF delivery + flipbook

Save time and hundreds – sometimes thousands – in wasted house inspection fees.

All in about 30 minutes

Use it over and over

Find out for yourself if there are MAJOR ISSUES hiding in plain sight before you call Leawood KS. house inspectors.

Available house inspection services in Leawood

image of termite shelter tubes in a leawood, ks home
termite inspection in Leawood

Termite Inspections

In Leawood KS., subterranean termites are common, feeding on wood in homes and nearby areas. A termite inspection spots indications of these insects, notifying you if action is needed. Routine house inspections are vital to avoid costly damage and repairs.

image of radon monitor during leawood property inspection
radon testing in Leawood

Radon Testing

Radon gas, an invisible and odorless radioactive substance, can significantly increase the risk of lung cancer with long-term exposure. Performing an electronic radon test involves placing a specialized device in your home for several days to monitor radon levels. Radon testing is essential in Leawood KS., as radon can infiltrate homes through foundation cracks and openings.

image of sewer scope inspection in leawood, ks
sewer scope inspection in Leawood

Sewer Scope Inspections

A Leawood KS. sewer scope inspection entails utilizing a camera to examine the pipes linking your residence to the main sewer line. This process is crucial as it can reveal problems such as obstructions, fractures, or damage caused by tree roots that might not be visible otherwise. Identifying these issues early can prevent costly major repairs in the future.

image of leawood ks. multi-family real estate investor property
RE investor inspection in Leawood

RE Investment Property Inspections

Our Leawood KS. property investment inspections encompass both single-family and multi-family properties. Our comprehensive 5-point major systems inspection evaluates critical areas such as the roof, foundation, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. Rely on seasoned professionals to inspect your investment property, ensuring long-term savings in both time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

A house inspection covers the physical components of a home. This includes examining the foundation, roof, attic space, rain gutters, exterior stucco or paint, electrical panel, light switches, power outlets, HVAC system, plumbing fixtures, appliances, walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, stairs, porches, and garages.

Inspectors also look for any visible issues and note anything that may need further investigation, such as asbestos or mold. However, we don’t inspect items like trees, fences, or sewer lines​.

The cost of a house inspection varies based on the home’s location and size. On average, it ranges between $350 and $600.

In some specific markets like Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, and Las Vegas, the average cost is about $450. It’s a good idea to budget for additional inspections if the inspector finds issues that need further investigation.

Common issues include water leaks, electrical problems, and deferred maintenance. Problems with HVAC systems and hidden issues in areas like the attic and crawlspace are frequently noted. Fixing these issues can help maximize the home’s value and prevent costly repairs down the road.

Sellers should make sure all utilities are on, remove pets, and leave keys for all locked areas. They should also provide all paperwork for any repairs or maintenance.

It’s also important to repair any leaks, service an older HVAC system, and install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in all floors and bedrooms.

Buyers should attend the inspection to learn about the home’s condition firsthand, take notes, and ask questions.

They should also create a checklist of areas they want the inspector to focus on, such as the foundation, roof, plumbing, and electrical systems. Being present allows buyers to better understand any potential issues and discuss them with the inspector directly.

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