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Premier Home Inspection Services in Liberty MO.

+ FREE termite inspection with every package ($85 value)

“I am so glad we were told about your company; you guys are awesome!!” – R. Winters, Liberty MO.

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Here’s How It Works

Liberty Home Inspection Packages & Prices





*up to 1499 sq.ft.





*up to 1499 sq.ft.





*up to 1499 sq.ft.





*up to 1499 sq.ft.





*any size

Premier Home Inspection Services in Liberty MO.

Bulldog Professional Inspection Services, known for premier home inspection services, is devoted to offering outstanding home inspections to homebuyers and real estate investors in Liberty, MO.

Our premier home inspection services cover every accessible section of the property, from the roof down to the foundation. This provides you with detailed insights, helping you make informed decisions and avoid potential issues.

Whether you’re buying a home for your family or investing in real estate, trust Bulldog’s certified, experienced, and dependable home inspection services in Liberty, MO, to assist you through the process.

⭐⭐ Real Customer Review ⭐⭐

Real Customer Review

5-star review - j. jimerson - liberty, mo.

J. Jimerson, Liberty, MO.

“Steve made the inspection easy to understand…”

“Steve made the inspection easy to understand and did a good job.  My thoughts were reinforced when I spoke to friends and family more knowledgeable than me about homes and repairs.  They reviewed the inspection report and also thought Steve did a great job!

Steve was professional, knowledgeable, and personable.  The entire experience was a pleasure!”

There aren’t many places in the Kansas City metro area with a richer and more colorful history than Liberty, MO.

In fact, 2011 saw Liberty MO. become #7 on Money Magazine’s ‘Best Places to Live’ in America. 

Liberty MO. is also where America’s first daytime bank robbery took place and where Joseph Smith (founder of the Latter-Day Saints) saw the inside of a jail cell.

Liberty MO. has a top-notch school district, great parks and trails, quick access to I-35 and I-435 hwys, 20 min. to downtown Kansas City, safe neighborhoods, open spaces, booming corporate environment, and diverse culture.

Liberty is also the home of William Jewell College, Capitol Federal Sports Complex, Metropolitan Community College, the Battle of Liberty (September 17, 1861), 7 historic districts, and over 240 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic places.

But, before you don your side’s colors in the next re-enactment, make sure your new home gets a once-over by a high-quality Liberty home inspector to make sure your next battle doesn’t take place between you and your new home.

Actual Liberty home inspections.

premier home inspection services
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Meet Your Liberty Home Inspector

photo of Steve Rodriguez

Steve Rodriguez, CMI®


Award-winning local Certified Master Inspector® Steve Rodriguez highlights what sets Bulldog apart:

“Premier home inspection services in Liberty MO. are about more than finding issues. Effective inspectors also explain everything clearly to you.

This clarity isn’t just to serve you now. Your home inspection report should remain easy to understand for years.”


FREE – Your Guide to Premier Home Inspection Services in Liberty

New For 2023

113 Frequently Asked Home Inspection Questions

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Should I test for radon gas in my brand-new house? p. 110

+ many more

30 Min. DIY Home Inspection Checklist – Only $18.99

Check the Bones YOURSELF While You Tour the Home.

This straightforward field guide is based on our Major-Items Inspection and focuses ONLY on the bones. It shows you:

  1. WHERE to look
  2. WHAT to look for
  3. WHAT it means

All in the time it takes to tour the home.

Let us help you decide if the home has good bones or is just a money pit in disguise BEFORE you make an offer and BEFORE you order your Liberty home inspection.

image of cover to 30 min. diy home inspection checklist
image of inner pages to 30 min. diy home inspection checklist

Created by a Certified Master Inspector™

13 Pages Fully Illustrated

Immediate PDF delivery + flipbook

Save time and hundreds – sometimes thousands – in wasted home inspection fees.

All in about 30 minutes

Use it over and over

Find out for yourself if there are MAJOR ISSUES hiding in plain sight before you call Liberty MO. home inspectors.

Available Home Inspection Services in Liberty

termite inspection in liberty, mo
termite inspection in Liberty

Termite Inspections

In Liberty MO, subterranean termites are common, feasting on wood within and around residences. A termite inspection detects indications of these insects, notifying you if treatment is required. Routine home inspections are essential to avoid costly damage and repairs.

radon testing in liberty, mo.
radon testing in Grandview

Radon Testing

Radon gas, an invisible and scentless radioactive material, poses a serious lung cancer risk when exposure is prolonged. Conducting an electronic radon test requires positioning a specific device in your house for a few days to measure radon levels. Testing for radon is particularly crucial in Liberty MO, as the gas can seep into residences through cracks and openings in the foundation.

sewer scope inspection in liberty, mo
sewer scope inspection in Grandview

Sewer Scope Inspections

A Liberty MO. sewer scope inspection entails the use of a camera to examine the pipes linking your residence to the main sewer system. This process is crucial because it can reveal problems such as blockages, cracks, or damage caused by tree roots that are not visible through other means. Identifying these issues early can prevent costly, extensive repairs in the future.

real estate investor inspections in liberty, mo
RE investor inspection in Grandview

RE Investment Property Inspections

Liberty MO real estate investment inspections cover both single-family homes and multi-family units. Our detailed 5-point major-items check centers on key areas like the roof, foundation, electrical systems, plumbing, and HVAC units. Trust experienced professionals to evaluate your investment property, guaranteeing substantial savings in both time and money over the long haul.

Frequently Asked Questions

A home inspector examines the overall condition of a property, focusing on several key areas:

  • Exterior: Includes the roof, siding, doors, windows, and foundation.
  • Interior: Looks at walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors.
  • Major systems: Inspects plumbing, electrical, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and insulation.
  • Structural components: Checks the foundation, basement, and crawlspaces for any issues. The goal is to identify any existing problems or potential issues that could affect the property’s safety and value​.

Typically, a home inspection takes between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size and condition of the home. Larger or older homes with more issues may require more time. The inspector will carefully examine all major components and systems to ensure a thorough assessment.

On average, a home inspection costs between $300 and $500. However, the price can vary based on the location, size of the property, and the inspector’s experience.

Additional specialty inspections, like for radon, mold, or asbestos, will incur extra costs.

Yes, it is highly recommended that you attend the home inspection. Being present allows you to see any issues firsthand and ask the inspector questions directly. This interaction helps you better understand the condition of the property and the significance of any findings.

If the inspector identifies issues, you have several options:

  • Request repairs: Ask the seller to fix the problems before closing.
  • Negotiate the price: Negotiate a lower purchase price to account for the cost of repairs.
  • Walk away: If the issues are too significant, you can choose not to proceed with the purchase.

Consult with your real estate agent to determine the best course of action based on the inspector’s findings​

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