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It was just another day at the office when my assistant jumped out of her chair so fast I thought she was on fire.  

“Woo-hoo!” she yelled. “We scheduled another one!”

I ran over because I’m normally the one who puts the fires out.

“Ha! Don’t worry,” she said. “Nothing’s burned or broken…but where’d my bagel go?”

The office erupted in applause as we popped open the bottle of sparkling grape juice we had left over from New Year’s Eve.

We were still jumping up and down when I spotted her half-eaten bagel in the plant next to the window.

We are thrilled to work with you.

Not just because we love what we do, but because we know we can help. 

In fact, don’t be surprised if your friends and family tell you just how smart you are for working with us.  You’ll love it.

As soon as things settle down we’ll be in touch to confirm the details of your home inspection.

If you have any questions, shoot us a note at info@bulldoginspect.com or call us at 816-564-3081.

Congratulations on your new home and here’s to no unpleasant surprises after you move in!

See you soon!

~ Steve

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