Customer Reviews

M. Wang Overland Park, KS.

"Nice job Steve--you saved me thousands in costly basement repairs. Your professionalism and thoroughness really made an impact"

S. Garman Merriam, KS.

"I was extremely impressed with your professionalism & knowledge. Steve if it was not for you, I would be dealing with a major roof replacement (at my own cost) as well as some possible foundations issues which are being addressed at this time as well. I have saved thousands of dollars at this time regardless if I buy the house or not. You can bet that I'll refer Bulldog Professional Inspection Services. Don't forget about the snake skin! he he he - Thanks again."

K. Twenter Lenexa, KS.

"Your inspection was very helpful! After looking at the issues with the house, and the lack of flexibility of the seller, I have to walk away from this house. Although I loved the house, the issues that the seller would not fix let me walk away knowing that I did the right thing because if I would have dealt with all these issues myself it would cost me a lot of money!"

J. Schieber Olathe, KS.

"You did the inspection Saturday late morning, and I was able to look at it Saturday night!!! Amazing! I would ALWAYS recommend you! The only reason I wouldn't... I don't' want everyone to know what a great job you do so it's more expensive next time we buy!!!"

M. Heimsoth Shawnee, KS.

"Most helpful and complete inspection that I could ever imagine."

B. Supernaw Butler, MO.

"While there were issues with the home, I now at least feel I have a solid foundation to go forward with on what needs to be tackled in the months ahead on the home. Steve was thoroughly professional and answered all of my questions on the spot thoroughly and to my complete satisfaction, as well as provided an excellent report."

T. Veatch Gladstone, MO.

"I will most definitely recommend Steve to anyone I know who is buying a home. The report was issued very promptly and the detail of communication and the detail of the report provided really created a memorable experience. "

L. Armstrong Urich, MO.

"We’ll definitely be referring Bulldog Professional Inspection Services to everyone!!! You took the time to do the job, and then you made sure we understood the issues that needed to be addressed before we purchased the house. We had never been through the home inspection process before, but you made sure we understood what you were doing and why you were doing it."

R. Richerson Lee's Summit, MO.

"Steve went the extra mile. He was not feeling well but did the inspection anyway so my closing could happen quickly AND it was his wife’s birthday and he came out anyway... He was great to work with and gave me a flawless experience with a real professional inspector."

J. Jimerson Gardner, KS.

"Steve made the inspection easy to understand and did a good j+ob. My thoughts were reinforced when I spoke to friends and family more knowledgeable than me about homes and repairs. They reviewed the inspection report and also thought Steve did a great job! Steve was professional, knowledgeable, and personable. The entire experience was a pleasure!"