About Us

And 5 Things You Should Know About
Home Inspections

Hi, I’m Steve Rodriguez and I’ve been taking the headache out of home inspections since 2003.

And despite being greener than gourd guts when I started, I did have a clear idea of what the perfect home inspection should be like:

  1. Clear, plain, and easy communication
  2. A thorough home inspection
  3. An easy-to-understand report

So that’s where I started.  Then worked toward them.  And finally, I mastered them.

Until these 3 simple ideas turned Bulldog Professional Inspection Services into the highest rated home inspection company in Kansas City¹.

Because home inspections are the only thing we do.

We don’t do mold. We don’t do septic. We don’t do fireplaces, Asbestos, Lead-based paint, or even Radon (we’ll help you order these services from the top companies in town).

Instead, we concentrate on the only thing that really matters – giving you the finest home inspection service possible.

“Steve’s thoroughness was amazing…the most professional inspection process I have ever been through!”

– R. Johannes, Overland Park, KS.

And we take this very seriously.

So while the other guys dabble in other things, we commit our years of laser-focused experience into the areas of your home they overlook to uncover the details they miss.

“This inspector needs a BIG “S” on his shirt…and a cape…great thorough inspection Mr. Rodriguez”

– K. howard, Overland Park, KS.

Here’s What You Get

Exceptional service starts the moment we pick up the phone until our final handshake at the end of your inspection. You are the most important person at your home inspection so we will work around your schedule, answer all your questions, and address all of your concerns

A polished home inspection that works with you by combining your input with our unique 1624-item 100% home inspection to shape a remarkably custom experience that will make your next move (and any future maintenance) crystal clear.

A digital report delivered to you the same day that is complete, comprehensive, written in plain language, easy to navigate, full of digitally enhanced photos, and (almost) as easy to read as a children’s book.

Free support for as long as you own your home so you’ll never feel lost or confused.  Consider us your personal home inspection advisor.

“It makes me very comfortable knowing that I can contact you in the future with any questions I have”


What could You Do With an Extra $3000?

Did you know our average customer gets nearly $3000 back after their home inspection?  In the hundreds of follow-up discussions we’ve had over the years, we’ve found that you can expect to get back an average of $2,880 (sometimes upwards of $20,000) in repairs, concessions, and price reduction after your home inspection.

That’s an average return of 556%.²

What could you do with that?  New furniture?  A family vacation?  A couples getaway?  New tires?  New washer and dryer?

Well, here are just a few recent customers who saw this kind of return (and more):

  • Mark S. from Shawnee got a 15-year-old roof completely removed and replaced with a brand new $9,000 40-year roof because hail damage caused water leaks above his living room and dining room ceilings (damage that was missed by a previous home inspector because he didn’t even walk on the roof!).
  • Steven G. from Lee’s Summit got $6,500 worth of foundation and basement repairs completed before he even moved in, which stopped the water that was leaking through the foundation and creating deadly mold behind the drywall – mold he didn’t even know was there!
  • Scott T. is a real estate investor from Colorado who got over $3,100 in plumbing drains professionally replaced in his rental property when it was discovered that his drain lines were cracked and he had a major tree root problem lurking in his front yard!

I could go on and on…

  • Oh, then there’s Brandon H. from Liberty who had $4,300 worth of electrical work done before he even closed on the home that included new electrical service and new main panel because the old service was unsafe and the original panel was not only recalled by the manufacturer, but also full of deadly homemade wiring just waiting for the right time to arc, spark, and burn his house down!

You get the picture.

“Nice job Steve–you saved me thousands in costly basement repairs. Your professionalism and thoroughness really made an impact”

– M. Wang, Overland Park, KS.

Here’s What We Will Help You With, Specifically

  1. Our goal is to help you perfectly understand the condition of your new home.  Not tell you to buy it.  Not tell you to not buy it.  Those are your decisions, not ours.  But, we will extract and deliver to you an over-abundance of fair, easy-to-understand, relevant information by analyzing every available area in and around your new home while also taking its age, circumstances, and location into consideration.
  2. Then, we will clearly explain our findings, answer all your questions, and address any final concerns BEFORE we wrap up our time together.  This way your expectations, hopes, and even your misconceptions will shift away from opinion and toward the truth.  That’s sometimes easier said than done, but that’s our end goal.  And we do it much better than most.
  3. In addition, we will call you the next day to make sure you have no remaining questions after reading your report.
  4. Finally, we will be available to answer any future questions you have for as long as you own the home.

“You made things easy to understand

for someone who doesn’t know

much about home repairs.”

– S. Murray, Kansas City, MO.

The 5 things you need to know Before We Work Together

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of mystery and confusion around home inspections:

  • What’s included?
  • What’s NOT included?
  • What should I expect?

This leads to a lot of unmet expectations and disappointment later.  And just knowing you’re reading this right now shows me you’re not the average buyer.  So let’s clear the smoke and set things straight right now:

#1 – I cannot see through walls

Sometimes people act like I should have x-ray vision.

I mean, I get it. I’d want that, too.  Especially if I was you.

Because it’s the things we can’t see that scare us.

In fact, if I could choose a superpower, X-ray vision would be my second choice.

Talk about cornering the market. No other home inspector would stand a chance.

Unfortunately, it’s just not possible.

Fortunately, we’ve got your back.

You get several premium warranties included with your home inspection.  Together, they combine to protect you from the biggest breakdowns and headaches homeowners get after they move in (one warranty lasts for 5 years!).

#2 – I’m not the cheapest home inspector in town

This one makes me chuckle. And here’s why:

Anyone searching for the cheapest home inspection thinks they’re all the same.

Like bottled water. Or paper napkins. So getting the lowest price becomes their highest goal.

This is a mucho jumbo mistake.

You see, the underlying condition and intricate inner workings of your new home are too important to place in the hands of someone willing to accept the bare minimum fee for their service.

Would you want the cheapest attorney if you were headed to jail?

Or the cheapest veterinarian if your beloved family pet was hurt?

Of course not. You want the professional attorney who has dedicated his life to mastering his craft, put his reputation on the line when he had to, learned from his mistakes, studied, learned, struggled and still shows up every day ready to fight tooth-and-nail for your case because he’s grizzled enough to know he can win.

You also expect FiFi to land in the gifted, gentle hands of a professional veterinarian who was so devastated in middle school by the loss of her favorite pet that when she looks you in the eyes and tells you – without hesitation – that she’s in the best hands, you literally release a sigh of relief because you genuinely believe her.

Not a hobbyist or amateur willing to undercut the competition simply to make a buck because the light bill’s due.

You see, when it comes to professional services it’s all about focused dedication. You’re paying for their commitment, time, knowledge, experience, and unique perspective.

This is also why you choose a passionate home inspection professional who will protect you and your family from a time wasting, life sucking, bank-account-draining money pit.

And if you didn’t know it already, they’re not cheap.

There is no ACME machine that punches out perfect rows of cookie cutter home inspectors ready for package and delivery.

In fact, did you know home inspectors aren’t required to walk on roofs?  And many of them don’t.

Would you want that person inspecting your home? I wouldn’t.

This is my new home we’re talking about.  The biggest investment I own.

But this is what you get when you hire a cheap home inspector.

And that’s just one of a thousand differences.

Remember, good inspections aren’t cheap and cheap inspections aren’t good.

#3 – I’m not psychic (unfortunately)

I can’t predict the future.

And as much as I want to, it’s not possible (this superpower would be my first choice).

I’ll never be able to tell you if something will break, leak, or crack within the next hour let alone the next week, month, or year.  I wish I could, but I can’t.

I can only tell you if anything has happened between the time the home was built and the moment it’s inspected.

Some people don’t understand this – or won’t accept it – but, they must – just like you.

But, it’s not all rainstorms and thunderclouds.  You get several premium home warranties included free with your home inspection to protect you against future problems.  Things like:

  • 90-day warranty
  • Sewer line coverage
  • Termite damage protection
  • Mold coverage
  • 5-year roof leak coverage

But there’s more.  You also have the option to purchase our ultra-premium 18-month home warranty only available to Bulldog customers.  This is just like your everyday 12-month home warranty only better.  And not just because of the extra 6 months.  It also covers:

  • Drain Line Stoppage
  • Water Softener
  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Sewage Pump
  • Well Pump
  • Termite Protection Plan
  • Microwave
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Freeze Damage
  • Annual HVAC Maintenance
  • Alarm System

Plus, up to $400 toward any mandatory code upgrade and there are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

In fact, if you’re denied coverage for a claim that’s covered by any other policy they’ll either cover it or give you 100% of your premium back.

We take your home inspection seriously.  If something rears its head or falls through the cracks after you move in we’ll be there to catch it.

#4 – I’m not perfect

Man, my ex-wife would have fun with this one.

And this should come as no surprise to you because nobody is.

Not even a serious professional who spends the bulk of their free time improving their skills (shoot, pro baseball players make a million bucks and they only get it right 25% of the time).

Sometimes I’m late to an appointment and sometimes things get missed, information gets misunderstood, and people get upset.

These days it’s pretty rare, but these are still an occupational hazard.

And I’m not embarrassed to say I’ve messed up plenty in my career:

“Hey, what do you get when a new home inspector,
a garage door and 12-pack of soda meet?”

But, I don’t take my mistakes lightly (you don’t get far in life if you do).

In fact, this is why I have insurance, warranties, and guarantees.

So if something goes wrong later you can relax knowing we can talk about it and work toward a real, fair solution.

If it’s something I missed I’ll take responsibility, make it right, learn the lesson, and move on.  It’s nothing personal.

The only perfect home inspector is one who’s never actually inspected a house – and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of their first big mistake.

“This is my second time using Steve. I will continue to use him. He is professional, helpful, very knowledgeable, and a “must have” when making a home purchase.”

– B. Thompson, Blue Springs, MO.


#5 – Finally, if something goes wrong after your inspection please don’t take it personally

Regardless of what some people think, we care about you and your home. No one lasts long in this business if they don’t.  But home inspections are not an exact science.  They’re a combination of finesse, skill, experience, talent, and training.

And no matter how gifted the inspector, how thorough the inspection, or how hard he tries, things will inevitably go wrong later.

It’s just a fact. Nobody’s perfect and no one can predict the future.

And apart from a house already being immensely complex, its most important parts are often hidden inside walls, under floors, above ceilings, and behind insulation. Not to mention all the furniture, appliances, TVs, clothes, boxes, and shelves (which we can’t move, by the way) that get in the way of everything else we want to see, touch, and feel.

This all presents some pretty big obstacles, but an experienced home inspector will develop an intuition that allows him to find most of these hidden problems, anyway.

But as I said before…it’s impossible for a home inspector to find every possible thing wrong with your home or know when something might break, crack or leak later.

So if something goes wrong after your home inspection, pause, take a breath and know that your home inspector did the best he could with what he had to work with. After that, contact him and try to work out a reasonable solution to get the issue resolved.

Still Here? Good.  Here’s My Challenge To You:

Trust your gut and call 816-564-3081 (or send us a message) to schedule your home inspection. Kimberly will answer your call or respond to your message.

You have nothing to lose. We provide a simple money back guarantee (If you show up and get involved, but don’t feel it’s worth your time or money you don’t pay us – period).

In fact, I’ll even pay for your next home inspection. So all the risk is on me (that’s no misprint).

Pretty simple, right?

So go ahead and make the call…I know you’ll be thrilled.

President/Certified Master Inspector®
Bulldog Professional Inspection Services

¹According to 2015-2018 Google Reviews
²Based on our current home inspection pricing