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“Most helpful and complete inspection that I could ever imagine.”  – M. Heimsoth, Shawnee, Ks.

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Call Us if you want the best Kansas City home inspections performed by the owner who has personally inspected 14,000+ homes with tens-of-thousands of defects all around Kansas City since 2003.

"Let's get real...you don't HAVE to call the best home inspector when the house is in great shape. Almost anyone can do that. But when things go wrong, doubt creeps in, and the house is on the line, you'll want the person who understands the issues, sees the bigger picture, knows your options, and can help YOU make the best choice for yourself - and that ONLY comes with experience."

From our 100% inspection to our easy-to-understand same-day report.

Or from our wrap-up to our follow-up – we’ve created home inspection services that help you breeze 💨 through the home inspection period like you own the place: 

First, we check for defects using our 1800-item house inspection checklist that inspects 100% of the items we can see, touch, and test.  This includes answering the 10 key questions every house inspector should ask if you want to understand the full impact each issue has on the home.

Then at the end of your home inspection, we’ll use plain language to discuss the condition of the 5 major areas of the home. 

I’ll answer your questions, address any concerns, help you predict outcomes, determine next steps, even help you map out a strategy so you not only understand what you’re buying, but you leave with plans for what to do next.

And later that day you’ll get an easy-to-use home inspection report full of enhanced digital photos that let you see the issues with your own eyes.

Smoooth like butta 🧈. 

So if you’re just shopping for prices because you’ve been misled into believing that all Kansas City home inspections are the same, trust me when I say…

Kansas City Home Inspections Are NOT Created Equal.

In fact, this next piece of sage advice will save you from one of the most expensive mistakes you can make when buying a home:

Do NOT use a cheap home inspector.

Not only will a cheap home inspector  confuse you into thinking a small problem is a big problem, they can scare you away from a perfectly good home that might be great with just a little bit of work.

And because the odds of a poor or inexperienced Kansas City home inspector overlooking or misunderstanding a major defect (and minor ones) are inherently high.

And because THAT’S where you find the low prices.

This is how cheap home inspections end up COSTING you time, stress, frustration, disappointment, and money.

In fact, 60% of NEW home inspectors quit within 12 months, and 80% of ALL home inspectors do amateur work.  Harsh, but true.

So any savings you get upfront might end up costing YOU thousands down the road..

That’s a big gamble on a 5, 6, or 7-figure investment.

But the other 20% have the chops to do it right the first time
We see what others can’t, find what the others miss, and understand things they don’t.

It’s the kind of home inspection service that ONLY comes with years of experience and dedication.

This is how we’re able to help you win a major price drop the same way we can help you spot the money pit that makes you want to cut your losses and walk away.

You will NOT find more helpful, honest, and unbiased home inspection services anywhere.

Especially when most other Kansas City home inspectors spend their days confused about what really matters.

So if you’re serious about your home and want to work with the best home inspector who knows exactly how to find – and explain – the issues YOU care about, contact us now.

Because the moral of the story? You get what you pay for.

26 Biggest Homebuyer Complaints

After Using A Cheap Home Inspector

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Would YOU Like To Check The Bones YOURSELF Before The Home Inspection?

This no-nonsense field guide is based on our Major-Items Inspection and will help you decide if the home has good bones or is just a money pit in disguise BEFORE your home inspection.

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6 Reasons Bulldog Is The Best Choice For Your Next Home Inspection

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There’s almost nothing more frustrating than bad service. 

That’s why we’ll answer your call and almost always respond to your message within minutes (we do our best, but nobody’s perfect 😊).

We’ll also do our best to accommodate your schedule and perform your inspection on the day and time that works best for you.

You’re the most important person at your home inspection and we want to make sure you feel that way from the start. 

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We understand that every homebuyer is differnet. 

You have your own wants and needs, along with your own concerns, triggers, ideas, and opinions. 

We also know that every home is different and has its own story to tell.

That’s why we’ve spent years learning which questions to ask to not only make sure you understand what is found, but also make sure we frame those findings in a way that helps you the most. 

So whether you’re a first-time or seasoned homebuyer, home seller, real estate investor, or real estate agent.

Even if you’re buying the home as-is or lucky enough to negotiate.

Understanding these subtle differences lets us help you make the most of your inspection results so you can plan, budget, and decide if it’s still the home you need it to be.




After nearly going out of business in 2008, we decided to bridge the gap between the way home inspections were taught and how they should be done.

In 2010 this became our MaxInspect™ System.

During those years of rework, we found 3 different ways to flush out and connect the problems that exist in and around a home.

We combined this with our industry-leading 1800-item 100% inspection to create a method of inspecting that goes far above the norm to give you the most insight and most protection from problems (and unwelcome surprises) after you move in (we even hang tags on all the major shutoff valves).

There’s nothing else like it in Kansas City.




The last thing you need is slow delivery of a vague and confusing report.

Especially when the home inspection report is the only thing you keep when it’s over (which makes it the thing you’re really buying).

That’s why our digital reports are delivered the same day and have a streamlined design to help you find repair items easily. 

Inside, we answer the 10 key questions every report MUST answer if you want to understand each issue and its impact on the surrounding areas.

And they’re the same 10 questions we ask ourselves:

  1. What happened?
  2. Where is it?
  3. What caused it?
  4. What will happen if it’s ignored?
  5. Any signs of past problems?
  6. Any signs of past repairs?
  7. Is it a major concern?
  8. What do I recommend?
  9. Has it affected anything else?
  10. Has it damaged any surrounding areas?

Explained in that order to give you the most important information first.

All to help your report stay just as useful in 5 years as it is today.



You’re not alone when it’s over.

And we want to make sure you know it.

So in addition to a complete, inside-out top-to-bottom home inspection and easy-to-read digital report delivered the same day, we’ll wrap things up with a friendly phone call two days after the inspection to make sure you were happy with your service, got the report as promised, and still have no questions after reading it.

Then you’ll start receiving our free monthly home maintenance and repair e-newsletter.

This digital treasure trove of tremendous tips even lets you hand-pick the content so you only get the information you really want.  We think you’ll like it.




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Building Materials Lifespan - New for 2023

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Cost Estimates Guide - New for 2023

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Home Maintenance for Dummies - 2nd Edition

Let’s agree you’re no dummy, but you might be a little crazy if you don’t crack this open when it’s time to make repairs around the house. – $17 value 

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Home-Wizard™ Monthly E-newsletter

It’s all fun and games until you move in.  But the AI inside this newsletter will make running your home feel like a well-oiled high-performance machine.  – $89/yr. value 

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Steve Rodriguez - Certified Master Inspector

The Kansas City Home Inspection Process

Award-Winning Local Home Inspection Expert Steve Rodriguez Explains the Bulldog Difference

“There’s more to home inspections than just checking for problems. It’s also about communicating those problems to you in a way YOU understand.

And not just in person because the details are easy to forget. It’s most important for you to have easy-to-understand explanations stored permanently inside your inspection report for years to come.”

FREE - The Ultimate Consumer Guide To Home Inspections

New for 2023

113 Frequently Asked Home Inspection Questions

A. Bickel
A. Bickel
Real estate agent
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“I am a real estate agent and Steve at Bulldog was so great to work with!

He was extremely professional and his inspection was thorough.
My favorite part was the way that he explained the results to the buyer and me.

He was great at explaining and focusing on the things that he saw as actual issues and did not waste time or scare anyone with minor issues.

His report was thorough and easy to read and understand.

I will definitely be using Bulldog again!”
J. King
J. King
Real estate agent
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“Steve with Bulldog Inspections is AMAZING!

Always can rely on him to give my clients the best information about their new homes, but also deliver it in a way that doesn’t scare them.

He makes the most important items priority to talk over with clients at time of the inspection, as well as letting them know they can contact him with any questions post-inspections.

Would definitely recommend and use again! Thanks Steve!”
K. Taube
K. Taube
Raytown, MO.
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“Complete top-to-bottom general home inspection, including Sewer Line, Termite, Radon, and Termite inspection.

Prompt, thorough, and professional services. Focused. Detail-oriented. Personable.

Helps customers understand the purpose of the inspections and every detail.

While the written report came quickly, what preceded it was a personal, face-to-face explanation of what would be going into the report, beginning with high priority and big-ticket items so there is no stone left unturned and no surprises.

I’d recommend this company AND individual for your home inspections.”

A. Patel
A. Patel
Olathe, KS.
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"It was easy to understand." “I am pleased with the overall quality of the inspection process and report. Inspection report was delivered next day early morning. It was easy to understand.

Steve is professional and answered all my questions.

I highly recommend Steve for home inspection.”


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