What Makes Our Report Different?

There Are 2 Parts To A Professional Home Inspection:

1. Finding Defects
2. Clear Communication

The first one is crucial.   The more defects they find, the clearer the picture you have today and fewer surprises you find later. But that’s only half the story.

The other half is helping you understand those defects and the effect they’re having on the home.

That's only possible when you get crystal clear communication.

And even though you’ll probably discuss the findings at the end, your real power comes from the home inspection report.

Because it’s your workhorse.  The instrument you throw down to negotiate repairs, price drops, or concessions.

So obviously, the more the better.

Good home inspection reports are about as easy to find as purple frogs.

That’s because home inspectors are NOT taught to create reports that are easy for homebuyers to use.

A strange thing considering it’s a critical part of the home inspection.

What makes it so important?

Look at it this way…a bad report is like having a hole in a pocket full of money.

Aside from storing your findings, it’s the only thing you keep when it’s over.

That makes your report the thing you’re actually paying for.  It should be just as helpful in 5 or 10 years as it is today.

That’s why we go to the trouble to make it good.

A World-Class Home Inspection Report

Our report gets revamped every time we find a way to make it easier for you to buy a home (6 times since 2003).

And we’ve eliminated the confusing clutter and deliver it to you the same day.

The 5Key™ Comment Method

Our report also uses our very own 5Key™ Comment Method to give you ALL the information you need to understand the full scope of each issue.

We do this by giving you the answers to the same questions we ask ourselves:

1. What happened?
2. What caused it?
3. What will happen if this problem is ignored?
4. What do I recommend?
5. Has it affected anything else or damaged the surrounding area?

Written in that order and on a 5th-grade level so it’s easy and intuitive for you (or anyone) to understand.

In a nutshell, these 4 questions:

1. Dig into each defect to fully reveal its cause and extent of damage

2. Saving you time by answering your most burning questions so you’re not chasing down the answers later.

What you'll get with our home inspection report:

There are not many home inspectors who have the experience or insight to organize and funnel information this way.

And no one else goes to these lengths because it takes too much time and effort to adapt.

But we do because this is how it should be done and what we’d want for ourselves and our family (and yours).  Period.

3 Simple Steps To Get The Certainty You Want



You can contact us day or night. We’ll handle everything from getting into the home to coordinating the sewer and radon services. But don’t dawdle because being good means we get busy.



Our MaxInspect™ System checks your home 3 different ways to give you the most insight and most protection from problems after you move in. There’s nothing else like it in Kansas City.



We’ll talk you through the findings when it’s over then give you a report later the same day that’s been carefully designed to be easy for YOU to understand and use during negotiations.

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80% Of All Deal-Killing Defects Are Located In Just 5 Areas

These are called the ‘bones’
And our easy-to-use field guide shows you exactly what to check so you know right away if the home has good bones or it’s just a money pit in disguise.

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