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“Can A House Fail The Home Inspection?”

Can a house fail the home inspection? Nope. A house can’t fail a home inspection. This question comes up occassionally. But a home can fail a city code inspection when your home was built or when future work requires a building permit. The building permit prevents poor craftsmanship because the city inspector gets involved and … Read more

“Why do I need a home inspection?”

Why Get A Home Inspection? After spending years helping thousands of families save millions of dollars – not to mention their minds, I’m still surprised when I hear this question. It usually comes up in one of three scenarios: Regardless, a home inspection is one of the smartest investments you can make when buying a … Read more

“What’s NOT included in a home inspection?”

what's not included in a home inspection

“What’s NOT included in a home inspection?” Along with knowing what IS included in a home inspection. It’s also important to know what IS NOT inspected so you don’t end up disappointed later. And there are several things that are – or may become – excluded from your home inspection services for one reason or another.  … Read more

What’s included in a home inspection?

what's included in a home inspection

Congratulations on your upcoming home purchase.  This can be an exciting, scary and confusing time in your life. Buying a home is not easy. It’s filled with demands from strangers who want to dissect your income and lifestyle choices just so you can have a place to live. And while this may be fine for … Read more

8 Quick Winter Home Repairs That Always Need Fixing

8 Quick Winter Home Repairs That Always Need Fixing

Attacking small home repairs can lead to more than a feeling of accomplishment. They can clear the way for larger projects in spring. And as I walked through my home with my notepad app open, I found myself staring at a list of home repairs that always need fixing at one point. 8 maintenance items … Read more

Is your wet basement sucking you dry?

Is your wet basement sucking you dry?

A WET BASEMENT IS THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM IN MANY KANSAS CITY HOMES. But before we go sloshing around knee-deep dankness, we begin our wet basement banishment in an unexpected place: The roof. Because lousy grading is hard to see when you’re right on top of it, but there’s no hiding when you look down from above. … Read more

How to survive your first old home purchase

Kansas City Foundations and inspection

An older home is a wonderful thing. Aside from the charm and character, an old home brings a host of problems not found in newer houses.  Like poor wiring, cracked foundations, clogged pipes, and weak roofs. Now, don’t avoid an older home because of these issues, they’re normal. But old homes need special attention because … Read more

Undersized Service In Older Homes

60-amp electrical service was once a standard in older homes, but it has since become outdated and inadequate for modern electrical needs. Here are the 5 biggest hazards associated with undersized electrical service in older homes: 1. Overloading 60-amp service is simply not enough to power modern electrical devices and appliances. This can lead to … Read more