what we inspect

Like i said…Kansas city home inspections are not created equal

The only way to know if you’re buying a dream home or money pit is to hire an experienced, certified Kansas City home inspector.

Newcomers, part-timers or family members don’t have the experience to fully understand your home then deliver the professional report you’ll need to negotiate with your sellers.

And while the average home inspection includes roughly 400 items, we inspect 1600+ items in and around your home.

Our premium home inspections exceed industry standards and rank with the most thorough in Kansas City, not only exposing your home’s secrets but advising you about future maintenance and repairs.

In fact, if we can reach it we will inspect it, test it, and report on it – without exception. 

That’s what we call a 100% inspection.

We even offer a simple no-fluff, no fine print GUARANTEE: Attend and participate in your home inspection.  If you don’t think it’s worth your time or money, you simply don’t pay us. No pressure and no hard feelings. We’ll even pay for your next home inspection.  There’s NO RISK to you.

Read on for detailed information on what we inspect…

Inspection Areas

Property & Site Exterior Roof and Attic All Living Areas Garage Electrical Heat and Air Plumbing Kitchens Bathrooms Health, Fire, and Safety Additional Inspections