The Kansas City Community Upreach™ Program

Yes, you really can get a world-class home inspection (and much more) for free

We're committed to not letting the cost of a good home inspection make it out of reach.

Because nothing is more important than family.

You work hard, dig deep, and make the tough choices to provide a safe and happy home for you and your family.

Every time you look into their eyes you remember why you do it.

Maybe you’ve missed a few birthdays or said goodnight over the phone more times than you want to remember.

But you’re driven to provide for your family.

And the hard work has paid off because now you’re buying a home.

upreach program

But it’s not that simple.

You can’t just look, buy, and move in.

You’ve got to make sure it’s NOT an energy-draining, time-sucking money pit in disguise.

And that’s where the inspections comes in.

But they’re not cheap.

Between the home inspection, termite inspection, radon test, and sewer scope the costs add up fast!

Well, you’ve run a great race so now it’s time to breathe a little easier and let us help you cross the finish line.

The Kansas City Community Upreach Program™

Once a month we give away a professional home inspection, termite inspection, electronic radon test, and sewer scope* to one deserving Kansas City family (a very real $865 value).

This gives you the full scope of inspection services you need to avoid big, nasty surprises after you move in.

And you’re getting them from the best service providers in Kansas City as a way of saying ‘Thank You’ for making Kansas City such a great place to live.


How it works

Just share your story.

If you have the first real need this month, we’ll notify you and help make all the arrangements for your FREE home inspection, termite inspection, electronic radon test*, and professional sewer scope inspection*.

If you have questions about specifics, please let us know.**

But act fast, this program works on a first-come, first served basis and tends to move quickly.

Congratulations on your new home and thank you for being one of the reasons Kansas City is such a great place to live.

Here’s to another wonderful year!

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*This program is only possible with the incredible generosity and relentless world-class service from our very good friends at Hydro Physics.

**We respect your privacy and never share details of your story with anyone other than the actual service providers.

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