A step-by-step, full-color checklist that shows you EXACTLY how to save time, energy, aggravation, and hundreds (even thousands) in wasted home inspection fees by checking the bones yourself BEFORE you order the home inspection.

Only $18.99

If These Questions Are Your Toast, This Checklist Is Your Jam:

What You'll Discover Inside This Ebook

1. Foundation Cracks

Where to find them and which ones spell trouble.  Plus, what it means if you see moisture.

2. Plumbing and Water Heater

Find the leaks in the water lines and drain lines and decipher the age of the water heater.   

3. Roof Shingles

Spot hail damage and other issues early so you can decide to negotiate or just walk away. 

4. Electrical Service

Find the service size and use the home’s age to predict red flags that might make you pause.

5. Heating and Cooling

Test the furnace and A/C then use their age to estimate how much time they have left.

Go from curious shopper to confident offer in 13 pages



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"Steve, if it was not for you, I would be dealing with a major roof replacement..."

13 pages • 5 major areas • 1 offer accepted • A lifetime of memories

Why I Wrote This Book

In 2007 a homebuyer spent almost $2k having me inspect 5 different homes before finally buying the 5th.

It was painful to watch and they walked away from each one for different reasons, but I learned a couple things from that experience:

1. These deal breakers were almost all in plain sight

2. They were all in the same 5 areas 

That’s why I created the first QuikInspect™ Checklist.

To help other homebuyers avoid the same frustrations by helping them check the bones of a home BEFORE calling a home inspector.

What If You Could...

Table Of Contents

Cracks and foundation movement

Cracks, moisture, and rust

Water lines, drains, water heater, and leakage

Shingles, flashing, rubber boots, and chimneys

Rafters, cedar shingles, and moisture

Smoke detectors, GFCI outlets, wiring, service size, and fuses

Rust, temperature, age, damage

Meet Steve

“With a boatload of money on the line, buying and selling a home can be a stressful event.

So I hope you find this checklist useful.

It’s the printed version of my Major-items inspection (that sells for almost $400) and focuses solely on the critical parts of a home that always matter most.

By the way, I’d love to hear your feedback. Email me at steve@bulldoginspect.com.”

PS – Show proof of purchase when you schedule your full home inspection and get $25 off any package.

ONLY $18.99

Frequently Asked Questions

â–¸ Why does this checklist work?

Pareto’s Principle.  Aka the 80/20 rule, it predicts that 80% of the major problems will be in 20% of the home.  That 20% is the 5 major areas of every home.

â–¸ What are the 5 major areas of a home?

No matter how old or how big, they are always the same:

1. Foundation
2. Plumbing
3. Roof
4. Electrical

â–¸ Who normally uses this type of inspection?

The Major-Items inspection was originally created for real estate investors who ONLY wanted to know if the home has costly, major issues.

â–¸ Is this only for single-family homes?

No.  It can also be applied to duplexes, but once you get into multi-family situations, we use a different approach to source certain issues.

â–¸ How can I get the most from this inspection?

All utilities should be on and pilots lit BEFORE you check the home.  This includes:

1. Gas

2. Electricity

3. Water

Ensure water is already flowing through the faucets.

â–¸ Isn't this checklist losing you money?

No.  Not everyone will want to use a checklist.  Those who do will have this.  Those who don’t will order a professional home inspection.  Either way, it will work out exactly the way it should.

â–¸ Can I use this to skip the home inspection?

No.  It will help you find clarity and avoid inordinate inspection fees, but this checklist doesn’t come close to the depth and breadth of coverage one provides.

â–¸ What if the home has mold?

If you can see the mold, fix the source of moisture and repair and damage.  There are only 4 situations where mold testing is necessary.

Click here for more information on mold and mold testing.

â–¸ Won't I get this from the seller's disclosure?

No.  I use it to supplement my inspection, but it only gives you basic information plus any details the seller remembers.  Many times it’s incorrect, blank, or the person filling it out never lived there.  

The 30 Min. Homebuyer Major Items Inspection Checklist

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