how Would You Like
To Sell Your Home 40%
Faster And For More

That’s not an overstatement. 

We make it happen all over Kansas City.

Our pre-inspected homes go for a higher price with less negotiating, fewer headaches, and a quicker sale than ones left for the buyer to inspect.

But that shouldn’t surprise you.

If it does, get ready to be charmed.

Because in today’s everyday Matrix world the way 95% of homes are bought and sold is totally sdrawkcab

Which has created a long time struggle for all the home sellers ever who would’ve rather lost their hair the old fashioned way.

Instead of losing it doing the uphill battle of selling their home the old fashioned way.

And here’s why:

You shouldn’t leave it to the buyer to fight for information you already have in a home you’re already living in.

That struggle only serves to snag your sale and make sure no one involved ever really wins.

Because it’s a tug-of-war between two sides.

So spare yourself all the trouble.

And remove all the tension, unwelcome surprises, unexpected costs, and frustrating negotiations before the words can even leave their face by inspecting it yourself.

How do I know?

My name is Steve Rodriguez and I’ve been inspecting houses all over Kansas City since 2003. 

And it’s pretty much impossible to do over 10,000 inspections and not learn a few things.


1. What your buyer’s inspector will find
2. How to find it before they do
3. How to level the playing field so you’re never at a disadvantage

In fact, our pre-listing inspections are MORE detailed and MORE thorough than our normal home buyer inspections simply because we know your buyers will probably hire another inspector. 

And the last thing we want is something big popping up later

I mean, what’s the point of inspecting your own home if that’s just gonna happen?

Which is why most home sellers don’t like the idea.

And quite frankly, I don’t blame them.

Not many home inspectors can pull it off.

It takes years of experience, dedication, and understanding to go toe-to-toe with any other home inspection company and win.

You literally have to be a master.

So not just anyone can do it.

But we can.

We are not only the highest rated home inspection company in Kansas City, we also happen to be the only home inspection company ever selected as a top 25-under-25 small business.

Neither are possible without knowing EXACTLY what you’re doing.

Which is why we are one of the very few companies who can help you successfully sell your home faster and for more money.

And we do that by combining our considerable experience, resources, and focus with a special program created especially for you.

We call it 

The Home Seller Premium Inspection Package

You see, we understand the unique situation you’re in right now.

You’re selling your home
Maybe shopping for a new one
You have agents and buyers touring your home
Then you get your offers
And have to pick the best one
Then go through the appraisal, inspection, and negotiations

You and your home are going through alot

That’s why we want to help take as much stress as possible off your shoulders by helping not only you – but your buyers.

The Home Seller Premium Inspection Package

1. You get our premium, award-winning, highest-rated 100% home inspection in a slick report that includes enhanced digital photos and over 1600-items in and around your home.

We call it 100% because if we can get to it, we will test it, inspect it, and report on it – no exceptions.

All outlets, switches, lights, fans, door, windows, ceilings, floors.


This is crucial when it comes to a successful home seller inspection because we do not want the buyer’s inspector pulling any rabbits out of his hat.

2. You also get a FREE state-certified termite inspection to make sure there are no termites in or around your home

This is important because in Kansas City it’s not really a matter of if you’ll get them but when.

And we don’t want those buggers showing up at the last minute and messing up your plans.

3. You get our easy-to-read, comprehensive report and gain a third member on your team to level the playing field.

You see, without a home inspection, the game isn’t fair.

Your buyer shows up with their agent and home inspector

While you show up with only your agent

Those odds aren’t good.

In fact, they usually end up knowing more about your home than you do.

But not anymore. Now, the game is fair (actually tipped in your favor) and there are no more surprises.

You stay in control and call the shots.

That’s because we stay on as your consultant until your home is sold.

So we can answer any questions or issues that come up later.

Including any questions that come up after your buyer’s inspector goes through your home.

4. We will clean up the report after you make all the repairs to your home.

This is important because as a home seller your report isn’t just for you, it’s for your buyers.

You can use it as a marketing tool to help your sale go smoother.

But if it’s ugly and full of things to fix, this doesn’t paint a very pretty picture.

That’s why we will remove all the items you fix from the report before you show it to the general public.

We even give you a link to share it online

Letting you put your best foot forward

And helping you put together a bulletproof sales strategy that lets you not only set a higher price but a price that is less likely to change based on the home.

Because it’s either:

1. Repaired
2. Non-negotiable and outlined in your disclosure
3. Or folded into an adjusted sales price in lieu of repairs

Or a combination of all three.

The choice is yours.

But what’s powerful is you stay in control of your sale because there are no surprises later.

And now when you get an offer, you know it’s rock solid.

5. Your buyers will get a FREE walkthrough of the home where we will discuss the findings – what they mean – and how important they are

This is a monster deal.

Not just because our re-inspections are normally $205, but this alone keeps the ball in your court by making it more likely that your buyers won’t hire their own inspector.

Here’s why. It usually goes like this:

1. You get the home inspected
2. You advertise and market your home as pre-inspected
3. You fill out your seller’s disclosure
4. You attach an addendum that offers the winning bidder a free home inspection walkthrough with us (which we give you)
5. You attach the cleaned up home inspection report to the seller’s disclosure so every buyer can see it
6. You get your offer for purchase
7. You remind them of their free walkthrough
8. Your buyer is curious so they research our company and realize we really are the best home inspection company in Kansas City and have nothing to lose and everything to gain by accepting
9. They accept your walkthrough offer and decide not to hire another inspector and pocket the $400 they would have spent, instead
10. You call us to schedule their walkthrough
11. We show up, answer their questions, address their concerns, and leave them feeling confident that they found the perfect home

That’s The Home Seller Premium Inspection Package

And exactly how you sell your home faster and for more money

Like I said earlier, this is how homes should be bought and sold

Because in just a couple of hours and for a few hundred dollars you can not just sell your home easier, faster and for more money but eliminate the headaches most sellers face by simply taking control and selling your home your way.

Why would you do it any other way?

Call us and set up your home inspection right now