The MaxInspect™ Inspection System

The Most Complete Home Inspection Available Anywhere

Did You Know A Home Inspector Can Be Very Thorough And Still Miss Plenty Of Defects?

If you've ever been to a home inspection, you may or may not have been impressed.

If you’ve attended more than one, you also know that no two are the same.

But if this is your first, let me tell you there is NOTHING…

…that guarantees you get a quality home inspection.

Yes, there are minimum requirements, but when I say minimum, I mean bare.

In fact, there are some pretty important things everyday “professional” home inspectors are NOT required to do:

Are you okay with that? (I’m not)

The idea (way back in 1976 when these guidelines were first created) was to keep things safe and practical for the inspector, but now they’re just ways for people to cut corners.

The reality?  You NEVER really know what kind of inspection you’ll get (seriously, it’s like the Wild West around there).

That's Why We Created The MaxInspectTM Home Inspection System

A 3-part approach that not only finds the problems we can see, but also flushes out the ones we can’t.

MaxInspect Home Inspection System
MaxInspect Home Inspection System

These are the issues that hide in other rooms, above ceilings, behind walls, and beneath floors – not to mention behind clothes, furniture, and storage stuff.

3 Parts Of The MaxInspect System:

Over the years I’ve learned first-hand (sometimes the hard way) it takes more than just being thorough to give you a great home inspection.

There are alot of things waiting just out-of-sight and different issues require different strategies to expose: 

1. 100% Inspection™

‣ This exposes 80% of defects.  If we can touch it and see it we will inspect it, test it and report on it without exception.

2. Gravity Flow™ Process

‣ This uncovers another 15% by revealing the extent of damage caused by movement and moisture.  Knowing how gravity affects them and their paths of lease resistance, we can reveal the full impact these issues have on your new home.

3. Mystery Glitch™ Technique

‣ This uncovers another 5% of the weird and wrong issues we come across.  We use our sweet skills to uncover those strange glitches that you sometimes can’t find – or explain – until after you move in.

These 3 layers combine to give us a 360° inside-out perspective so we not only inspect 100% of the items we can see, touch, feel, and (sometimes) smell; we uncover hidden issues while also letting the effects of gravity help us establish the full impact of each defect.

No other inspection company does all this and you will not find a more comprehensive home inspection approach anywhere else.  Guaranteed. 

3 Simple Steps To Get The Certainty You Want



You can contact us day or night. We’ll handle everything from getting into the home to coordinating the sewer and radon services. But don’t dawdle because being good means we get busy.



Our MaxInspect™ System checks your home 3 different ways to give you the most insight and most protection from problems after you move in. There’s nothing else like it in Kansas City.



We’ll talk you through the findings when it’s over then give you a report later the same day that’s been carefully designed to be easy for YOU to understand and use during negotiations.

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80% Of All Deal-Killing Defects Are Located In Just 5 Areas

These are called the ‘bones’
And our easy-to-use field guide shows you exactly what to check so you know right away if the home has good bones or it’s just a money pit in disguise.

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Get It Now Because If It’s Got Good Bones, It’s A Good House

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