Inspection Packages

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Additional Services


Multi-Family Inspections

From 4 to 400 units we’ve got you covered.

We work with real estate investors from all over the world so we know EXACTLY what you want.

Our prices are fair, our inspections are thorough, our service is second-to-none and our reports are easy-to-read and ready the same day.

Don’t use a maintenance man or even your front man.

Call us instead to make sure you know exactly what you’re buying!


Home Maintenance Inspections

The older your home, the greater the need for home maintenance.

But, not sure where to start?

Our home maintenance inspections highlight maintenance and energy items to help keep your home running at peak efficiency.

Call us now to stop wasting energy (and your hard-earned dollars!) through the cracks, gaps and worn out areas around your home!


New Home Warranty Inspection

Who makes sure EVERYTHING that’s cracked, bulged, split or broken since you’ve moved into your new home (including the things you can’t see) gets fixed?  

Our new home warranty inspection helps you get the most out of your 1-year builder’s warranty BEFORE it expires.

Call us now while you still can!


Termite Inspections

In Kansas City it’s not really a matter of IF you get termites in your home, it’s only a matter of WHEN.

That’s why we bundle a termite inspection with every premium home inspection.


Radon Testing

Radon gas is the #1 cause of lung cancer for non-smokers in America.

And while Bulldog™ doesn’t do radon testing, we work with the best companies in Kansas City to make it’s a painless and seamless experience for you.

Just tell us you’d like a radon test performed and we’ll handle the rest.


Sewer Scope Inspections

We use Hydro-Physics to give you a 100% guaranteed and unbiased sewer inspection.

No upsells and no bull.

In fact, there is never an offer to repair – only the best video scope inspections anywhere so there are no nasty sewer problems after you move in.


shut-off tags

Did you know your home has important valves and switches that every homeowner – including yourself – NEEDS to know about?

There aren’t many, but knowing where they are and what they do can make the difference between relief and disaster in an emergency.

That’s why every full home inspection we offer includes colorful tags on all your major shutoff valves.

This includes:

  • Furnace maintenance switch
  • Gas shutoff valves
  • Water heater shutoff valve
  • Water main valve

Now you can quickly spot them in a hurry.

We’ll even show you where they are so there’s no guessing after you move in.


Buildfax Property History Report

The most comprehensive property history report on the market.

Buildfax performs a nationwide search with over 8 billion data points on more than 80 million U.S. commercial and residential structures that cover:

  • Details on all building permits pulled for the home
  • Construction history in 8,500+ cities, counties, and townships
  • Remodels, new construction, pools, demolition, and roofs
  • All the trades — mechanical, electrical, plumbing
  • Including names of contractors that performed the work
  • Compares your home to others in the neighborhood
  • Lists nearby properties that have had updates performed
  • Neighborhood construction trends

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