The Bulldog Upreach Program™

Our way of giving back

Nothing is more important than family.

You work hard, dig deep, and make the tough choices to provide a safe and happy home for your family. Every time you look into their eyes you’re reminded why all the sacrifice is worth it.

Now you’re taking the next step and buying a new home.

And as you stand at the threshold of a whole new level of awesome we’d like to salute your devotion to family by easing your financial burden a little.


Once a month we give away a custom, handcrafted, industry-leading, 1600-item home inspection along with termite inspection, electronic radon test, and professional sewer scope to one lucky Kansas City home buyer ($734 value!).

Now make no mistake, this is not a rookie, watered down version of our award-winning service.

I’m talking about our signature home inspection that not only gets you exceptionally well-prepared for your next step in the home buying process but also includes a state-certified termite inspection, electronic radon test, and professional sewer scope inspection ($734 value!).

The Upreach Program™ covers the full range of services you and your family need to feel fully protected against any nasty surprises after you move in.  We hold nothing back.

How It Works

Just share your story with us.

If you have the first real need this month, we’ll notify you and help you make all the arrangements for your FREE home inspection, termite inspection, electronic radon test, and professional sewer inspection.

If you have questions about specifics, please let us know. We’re not big on fine print and would love to hear from you. But act fast, this program works on a first-come, first-served basis and tends to go fast.

Congratulations on your new home. You are one of the reasons Kansas City is such a great place to live.

Here’s to another prosperous year!


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